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Brightwater South Lake

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Camelot1950 Oct 19, 2016

My mother experiences constant mood changes due to her bipolar disorder/manic depression, with this in mind the staff, in particular her RN/Care manager, are great and to my knowledge monitor her consistently. The food is mum's constant gripe, particularity in summer. She is 65yo whereas most residents are 75+yo and her food needs are much different. E.g. She prefers less meant and more vegetables/salads/fresh produce. She doesn't seem to receive these enough so she expects me to source these for her. I do not understand how her $145/month doesn't include her specific food requests? More outings that are consistent throughout the year would be another advantage, as above, due to my mum being younger than most residents.

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Tipsy Oct 17, 2016

The comfortable homely facility goes a long way to creating a family atmosphere for the residents. Thus enabling them to settle down fairly quickly to their new environment. My mother was from a family of 10, living by herself made for a lonely existence. As he dementia progresses I'm sure she feels more secure with people around her, without being overwhelmed.

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Popsy Oct 04, 2016

Good Care Good Environment Good Communication Lines Good Interactions - Face to Face, Phone, & Email Could not be better!

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Waldo1 Sep 20, 2016

Excellent caregivers and run very much like a normal home

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Fabian1565 Jul 12, 2015

Brightwatewr Southlake is home to my father who unexpectedly required care when my mother became ill. The facility consists of 6 x 5 bedded houses each room with a private ensuite backing into a garden with a pergola in the middle. Each house has a lounge and kitchen for communal living. Each day and activity is held in a different house and residents are encourage to attend and meet each other. Staff bring their children in and residents can invite their grandchildren to join in activities with the elders. Staff are jolly, happy, respectful and welcoming. Pets are welcome to visit. It is a home away from home.

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About Brightwater South Lake

Conveniently located in the southern suburbs of Perth, Brightwater South Lake brings together all the comforts of home with high quality care and a variety of opportunities for social interaction with other residents and loved ones.At Brightwater South Lake a series of houses, all containing private rooms, and joined together by open, homely, living spaces are surrounded by beautiful gardens with inviting outdoor sitting areas. The facility has been designed in a manner reflective of the homes our residents may have moved from and we go to great efforts to make South Lake feel like home and not like an institution.We take great pride in our homes and we hope that they are a place residents also feel proud of, where they can enjoy life’s possibilities with other residents and their loved ones.

Available Rooms

Room Name

South Lake Private


Single room + ensuite



No of rooms


Room size (sqm)

15.03m2 to 18.18m2

Room Description

Brightwater aims to make our facilities feel as close to a normal home as possible. We have paid attention to the design and fit out of each site so that they are places all of our residents feel proud and comfortable to be in and where families feel welcome to visit.

All rooms at Brightwater South Lake are single rooms. They offer residents extra privacy and range from 15.03m2 to 18.18m2 in size. They are equipped with their own private ensuite bathroom which provides storage for toiletries and plenty of space around the basin to hold toothbrushes and provide a work surface. All of our bathrooms are equipped with wall hooks for hanging robes and are designed for easy access for all of our residents even as their care needs increase.

Room Features
Beds - All rooms are equipped with electric adjustable beds.
Linen - All linen is hotel standard linen. At Brightwater we have a linen replacement program which ensures that our residents can always enjoy the highest quality linen.
Other furniture - Each resident can be provided with a chair for their bedroom that they can use for themselves or for when visitors are in their room.
Storage - Each resident is provided with a built in wardrobe which is easily accessible.
Heating and Cooling - All of our rooms are equipped with an individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioning system to help ensure the greatest possible comfort all year round.
Windows and Views - Each of our rooms has at least one window which lets in natural light and provides our residents with the opportunity to enjoy a view outside from the comfort of their own room. All windows are dressed with good quality curtains so residents can manage the amount of natural light in their room.

Common Areas Description

Family and friends are always welcome to visit Brightwater South Lake. We do our best to provide enjoyable opportunities and spaces for families to spend time together. There are a number of spaces around the site for private gatherings in small or large groups including our outdoor areas activity room and patio and lounge rooms. We also on occasion hold events that families can attend such as our Birthday celebrations and Christmas dinner.

Apart from their room residents have access to a number of different areas at Brightwater South Lake. These areas provide an opportunity for residents to spend time in different environments meet with other residents or entertain visiting family and friends
Dining Rooms - Our dining rooms are set out in a homelike environment and provide a great opportunity for residents to enjoy a meal together.
Lounge Rooms - Each of our houses has a lovely lounge room residents can enjoy. They comfortably equipped with chairs of a variety of types and sizes. Each of our houses has a communal flat screen TV and residents can also choose to purchase a TV for their bedroom.
Activity room - The activity room is the hub of our site. This room provides ample space around a large table where residents can participate in crafts and games or other activities. Residents can participate in a wide variety of facilitated activities each week in the activity room and it is also available for families to use and host special events.
Outdoor areas - At Brightwater South Lake there are a number of outdoor areas complete with comfortable outdoor furniture and coverage so that residents can enjoy the sunshine and each others company. It also provides a comfortable and safe environment for young children to come and visit.

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