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Carshalton House Hostel

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Verdie4190 May 26, 2015

old building , share rooms by 2, bathroom by 4, food un appealing to look at and eat often cold when suppose to be hot , no time to keep the clients moving to keep there fitness up , no though given between those who are still of sound mind but physical slower and those who are the twilight world, under staffed to cater for the need of each client , maybe we need a re think of each facility divide up in the need of the clients, of sound mind and can interact with others would make there stay more enjoyable instead sitting there waiting to die, its all about the profit margin not the client.

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Jodianne Jul 22, 2014

Extremely poor communication from one shift to another extreme lack of respect for family when loved is dying ( threw all our mothers belongings outside including our mothers handbag ) unprofessional Nurseing Manager doesn't return ph calls

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