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Coonamble Hostel

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Coonamble Hostel Association Inc
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About Coonamble Hostel

Koonambil is a community project which has been built for the frail aged in the local area to allow our residents to remain in close proximity to their families while receiving high quality care consistent with their needs. The project was funded by Government Grants and generous donations from concerned citizens of the Coonamble District.Koonambil is set in 3 acres of landscaped garden on the bank of the Castlereagh River adjacent to the Coonamble Multipurpose Service. There are 28 single units with ensuites for permanent residents and two additional units allocated to Respite Care. Some permanent units have inter-connecting doors so couples can share two rooms.Our Residents love the light and airy appearance of their 'home', which contains spacious living areas, intimate sitting rooms, library, shop, lounge room, and dining room. Residents are encouraged to maintain social links with the wider community and to participate in the many and varied activities