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Good Shepherd Home

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kstan40 Apr 11, 2019

Very happy with Mum's placement here. Staff are lovely and caring. I feel like the process is transparent. I did lots of research however before settling on this place. Other homes were not so good in comparison. My only problem is that sometimes information isn't passed on when the changeover of staff happens.

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Norbert5158 Sep 25, 2018

I put my father in law in for respite x 2 (second time due to Mother in law needing surgery) He suffered from Chronic Cardiac Failure and Kidney Failure as well as Type 2 diabetes. He went there from the hospital and was on a 1200 ml fluid restriction which they did not adhere to despite me reminding them and asking he abide by this. He ended up overloaded and back in hospital with chest pain and breathing issues. We also took his wheely walker in with him and asked he be mobilised with this at all times as he needed to be mobile to return home as his carer (wife is 82 and not to mobile herself). This did not occur and he was wheeled everywhere in a wheelchair or left in bed all day and just taken to the toilet. At 84 years of age he hated the fact he was treated like a old man and left in bed nearly 24 hrs a day. We mobilised him at every visit but staff didn't seem to get the message despite going to the Director of Nursing and a promise that my father in laws care would improve. My father in law had pagets disease, knee problems and hip issues which all caused him pain and suffering but he declined to let them know as he said they didn't care. They didn't mistreat him as such but did not respect family wishes which resulted him coming and staying with me for 4 weeks to get him mobile enough to go home with his wife. He was also supposed to go to the day centre each day as we were putting him into a weekly day program each Friday if he enjoyed the centre, he never got there even ONCE in a total of 4 weeks stay in two stages. Another issue was that they were on our CASE over the money for the stay, many calls and emails to ensure they got their money, Pity they were not as diligent with their care. Now I am a nurse of 40 years and myself worked at this facility in the 1980's and the care then was very good compared to today. It appears the bigger they get the less the care.

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About Good Shepherd Home

The Good Shepherd Home is surrounded by the beautiful Palmetum Botanical Gardens and faces the picturesque Ross River in Townsville. The Home has a solid reputation in the community and is designed to offer a broad range of accommodation options for 240 residents.

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