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HammondCare Residential Care Horsley

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Review HammondCare Residential Care Horsley
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fireferret Aug 01, 2017

Hammondcare Horsley is a good facility that on the whole offers overall good quality care to its residents They provide clean rooms and facilities and good (but not great) basic food The staff tend to resident's personal needs and hygiene in a reasonably dignified manner, with daily showers, etc., but fall down on things like fingernail cleaning (which I've had to mention a couple of times) and ear ring hole cleanliness (had to permanently remove mother's ear rings because of how gross they had become (including smelly) - staff were completely unaware So they manage things at the macro level well, but need substantial work on the minutiae that an individual would provide themselves if able Probably a function of under-resourcing and under-staffing Can take a few days for a Dr to see resident if unwell, and getting to see a specialist is very difficult to organise

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Frangipani May 17, 2015

My dad is in care and whilst some of the staff are fantastic some of the staff just do not seem to care and are only there to get their pay cheque. I understand staff are there for the residents but some care needs to be taken when dealing with the partner (in this case my mum) who is not in care but is coming in everyday to see them. This is an extremely hard time for them as well and as my father has vascular dementia he does not remember my mum so staff need to be a little more careful when dealing with my mum and not just throw comments like "you know he has dementia" back at my mother when she says something.But in saying that there are some absolutely fantastic staff who go above and beyond to help. There is one RN who is so rude to my mother and is very condescending but all the rest are wonderful. I know how hard there carers work and 90% need a medal. But the ones who either sleep through shifts or they just ignore the residents and when the residents are hurt 5 week ends out of 6 something needs to be done. What I would also like to see is if there could be more activities introduced to keep the residents happy and active could benefit staff and residents alike.

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About HammondCare Residential Care Horsley

HammondCare Horsley is a 90 place dementia specific facility. The dementia-specific cottages are specially designed to provide both an advanced dementia-care environment and a safe, homelike environment. HammondCare believes in the dignity and value of all people. We are passionate about improving the quality of life for people in need, and take every step possible to provide unique and excellent care. In all our practices, we always aspire to promote the dignity, self-esteem and freedom of each individual. At Horsley this includes making the facility feel like a home, providing access to an excellent food culture, and encouraging residents to take part in varied recreational and domestic activities that are enjoyable, foster a sense of self-worth, and are reflective of their earlier life.

Available Rooms

Room Name

Single room + ensuite


Single room + ensuite



No of rooms


Room size (sqm)

Approx. 16m2

Room Description

The bedrooms at HammondCare Horsley have been designed to minimise confusion and maximise independence and comfort for residents. Each bedroom has a bed with timber finishes and a built-in wardrobe with a lockable drawer and cupboard. While residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and furnishings with them to personalise their bedrooms if this is not possible they can be provided with a bedside table and a chair. The bedrooms also have large windows with sheer curtains and block-out drapes television and landline telephone ports data points and reverse cycle air-conditioning a nurse call point by the bed and passive bed monitoring sensors. All the bedrooms in HammondCare Horsley have an ongoing maintenance program to ensure that they are in good condition.

Common Areas Description

The various common areas of the cottages include the following spaces
A fully functioning domestic kitchen
An open plan lounge and dining area
A parlour
Two sunrooms
A TV room
A backyard
A domestic laundry

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