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Our Lady of Consolation Aged Care Services

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15 reviews sorted by Date Rating Type
Pricebunch Nov 01, 2018

Caring wonderful staff and facilities for the family we really can’t always have at home it’s their home away from home and it gives families peace of mind

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AnneTout Sep 25, 2018

From entering the building and into any areas or rooms everywhere is pleasant looking and there are no smells as in many other aged care facilities. All staff are so friendly and helpful.

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Lon8444 Jul 31, 2017

I thought the carers could be more caring to the patients in their care and be more available to the relatives. I find when I want to ask how my mother has been during the week no one is around or the carers on do not know. They don't seem to want to give you information . My mother has had a few falls etc or when I visit and she is unwell I can't find carers to make enquiries/

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Makayla1234 Nov 11, 2016

This nursing home keeps the residents active and alert with constant activities and interaction

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Zena7905 Nov 10, 2016

My beautiful Mum has been in residential care for almost 4 years now due to dementia. I can only speak highly of her care. She loves the nurses, having her hair done weekly

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Cedrick906 Mar 15, 2016

We have only had awful memories of my mother in law respite care and full time in the last 9months of her life. Level of care soo bad, lack of staff where she refused to eat or drink because if to ring to bell for as assistance to use toilet left her wetting herself or the other. Food not suitable for that age group tough meat raw vegetables Awful memories

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Tony Kay Aug 17, 2015

My Dad enjoyed this woundeful rehab facility in what turned out sadly to be the last few weeks of his life. The quality of care and professional approach by the team provided Dad with the stimulation and challanges needed in his stroke recovery program. I know it provided Dad many hours of enjoyment and our family saw terrific progress in the time he was living at the centre. I can not speak highly enough of the team and the loving care they provided for Dad

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Chet7667 Aug 15, 2015

My relative was fortunate to participate in the respite rehabilitation program following a stroke. What a fantastic innovative program. The allied health team developed an individual program that was tailored to my relatives needs and monitored progress and adapted the exercise regime as they improved. With out this service my relative would not have improved and regain a level of independence.The quality of the building and resources was amazing and the professional dedicated staff were brilliant. If you get the chance to have a relative participate in this program I would recommend that you take it. I haven't seen any other service like it in aged care

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LFairclough Jun 22, 2015

My mother is in an Aged Care Facility. I believe she is cared of adequately but I think some staff can be "careless." The food could be improved as there is little variety. I would like to see on occasions patient's strawberries, prawns, specilty cheeses, smoked salmon etc available Maybe specialty cake, slices available for morning or afternoon tea.The actual buildings and surrounds are very well maintained. Gardens are well maintained and colourful.

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pgalea Jun 18, 2015

New building and always great staff.

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Frederique4079 Jun 12, 2015

i have Mum in fulltime total care and Dad in the other area in a single room with help for shaving bathing but able to attend the dining room still. I found the staff committed and caring . Rooms bedding and areas clean and well looked after. Mum has been there for nearly 10 years and Dad for 6 they are always listening to the needs of the resident as well as family members and are always ready to discuss any concerns.

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Robbie8725 Jun 12, 2015

My mother was in aged care for about three years, while there she learned to use the internet as the home installed a computer room. At 88 she was emailing relations in the U.K.. The gardens were beautiful, the staff on the whole were pleasant and the rooms were great, Mum had her own "stuff" around her and her own room with en-suite bathroom, She could do her own laundry and come and go as she pleased. If ever l myself need to go into aged care l,d like to go into that one.

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Helen Walter May 17, 2015

Always friendly staff. . . willing to listen to concerns . Mum has been there on 10 Years Dad now about 6 they are always willing to adjust to needs and also help with family members like myself with advice

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nursemebabe May 03, 2015

The care has gone down over the last 5 years or so. The food is not good.

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Donnalisa May 29, 2014

When my mum was in the nursing home the nurses were very kind to my mum but in my mums final days it's was so hard to get proper pain relief for her it was almost impossible I had to keep calling a ambulance for her to get any help. Apart from that mums final years there was very nice she was happy .

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About Our Lady of Consolation Aged Care Services

Hostel Care is a type of residential care for people who are more independent and physically able than those requiring Nursing Home level care, but may still need daily assistance and support, such as dressing, bathing and eating.Our Hostel has 172 beds across three facilities. St Helens and Alverna are general-purpose facilities and Assunta is a 36-bed dementia specific, secure facility. We aim to provide quality, professional care in a personable and friendly style with staff who genuinely like elderly people.We focus on residents’ physical comfort and freedom of movement, minimising pain and maximising independence.To increase comfort and freedom of movement, our multi-disciplinary exercise program offers individualised massage and treatment programs to reduce pain and increase freedom of movement. We encourage residents to stay connected and engaged with people and interests.

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