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Percy Baxter Lodge

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Luz23 Jul 17, 2015

Staff went to lunch and left my friend sitting on the toilet. she was there for one hour until i came along. Absolutely disgusting! Short staffed and dont care.

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TracieD Jun 04, 2015

Brand new facilities that always smelt bad (poo). My dad was only in his early 50's with early onset dementia so it was difficult enough dealing with the fact that he was in a nursing home but to come in each day and find him not showered, no glasses (they'd never put them on so he wouldn't have been able to see anything). Some of the staff were amazing but the ones who were not (most of them) spoilt it for the rest. I hope I never have to deal with that environment again unless of course they have a change of management. The culture of a place is always set by the management and unfortunately the management here were uncaring, condescending and dismissive.

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Loyce6159 Jun 04, 2015

staffing very bad,( not enough ), food is shocking residents complaining all the time, nothing gets done about it, sometimes there is no food at all on the plates or one dob of potatoes so the residents go without or have another sandwich, there is only so much sandwiches that you can tolerate, they are given a monthly menu to fill out requesting what they want, plus there likes and dislikes, what a waste of paper that is never have i seen my father get what he asked for, There needs to be an investigation into there nutritional needs, and quality of food ,residents need to be given the right to be heard , its gone on for too long with residents complaining. Our elderly are getting frail and malnourished and someone has to speak up for them

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Janice L May 18, 2015

The staff were friendly and sensitive to my grandma..She had dementia.

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