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Southern Cross Care Holland Park - Duhig Village

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About Southern Cross Care Holland Park - Duhig Village

Opened in 2013 this multi level home is exquisite in detail and design for the comfort of the residents residing here. The layout of each room provides a private space for the resident, as a short hall leads off the main corridor, past the ensuite to the bedroom. The bay window offers a comfortable space to relax and watch the world outside or sit with visitors and enjoy the light and vistas. The multistorey development is designed with heightened use of glass and steel to create a modern structure and to capitalise on the natural light and views for the residents to enjoy. The community-feel of the home is provided through the design and layout. The hairdressing salon on the ground floor is located next to the library, accessed along a veranda along the southern wing. The coffee shop is ideally located amongst the gumtrees and overlooking parklands towards the west. Activity rooms, sitting and lounge areas along the northern face open onto the balconies.