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SummitCare Liverpool

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Heloise428 Aug 15, 2016

like most nursing homes there is never enough staff to give basic care to residents.often a resident will dirty them self while waiting to be taken to a toilet. nurses who speak in their own language to one another disregarding the resident. when playing games as simple as bingo but no prise for winning. This give no encouragement for people to join in activities. lack of staff gives very poor hi gene. Older people need dignity nursing homes removes every last bit of dignity left. so sad. and makes me feel we need to introduce euthanasia as not only are people in pain and no quality of life but loose every thing when entering a nursing home. it is the thought of going into a nursing home that makes me feel that taking my own life would be a better option. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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Michelleware Dec 09, 2015

I think each individual family needs to research this for themselves. What I found positive others would not like

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About SummitCare Liverpool

SummitCare Liverpool comprises two attractive residential centres that deliver care and specialised behavioural support services to seniors in Sydney’s South West.The centres are just doors away from each other, and offer single, twin and companionship rooms. A total of 100 residents are accommodated at the larger, modern-style site – including Waratah, a secure 30-bedbehavioural support wing. Forty beds are located at the beautifully designed smaller centre.Residents can enjoy time with their visitors indoors in SummitCare Liverpool’s cosy lounge areas or the larger communal spaces. Outside, there are beautiful fragrant gardens and lawns, plus shaded courtyards.A bus stop and plenty of parking is located in front of the centres, which are just a short bus ride from Liverpool train station.

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