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Tweed River Care Community

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Helga8896 Nov 12, 2018

Kindness care and efficiency are paramount

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Emil1236 Sep 28, 2018

My dad is in an AGED CARE facility in Northern NSW. I cannot fault the facility, or the food. The staff are lovely, but I was very upset as to how my sister and I had to rush, to sell dad's home. Dad has dementia, Parkinson's and numerous other health issues. Luckily my sister found him a room, but with only 61 days respite, it was very difficult, going through dad's house, getting rid of a lot of his personal things, and having the house on the market and sold so quickly. It was heartbreaking, but necessary. The price dad paid for his room was $480,000.00. Which is way too expensive. Now the facility takes most of dad's pension cheque for his care, which is fine. But the measly 15% left of his cheque the government takes$15 a day, Which leaves dad basically nothing, so he uses his savings for clothes, medicine, occasional outings, cream etc. He has under $80,000.00 in the bank which he has to use. Why is his room classed as a bond, not a house of residence. It is his home and shouldn't be means tested. Just his savings should be means tested,then he would have some money left out of his cheque. It is a money grab by the government in my opinion, AGED CARE should never have been PRIVATISED, everyone deserves a nice facility with great care if you are elderly and cannot live at home anymore. But the price is very excessive, the stress of selling dad's home so quick, and watching someone who's done the right thing all his life, is now being ripped off by a law that shouldn't exist. AGED CARE rooms should not be means tested. It is his home.

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Emie4308 Sep 26, 2018

I flew from Sydney to Gold Coast min every week to address health and food as well as laundry issues I was constantly having to call doctors from outside the facility when it was blatantly obvious there was infection..on the day my father passed there was no medical assistance called therefore he suffered for hours and died a cruel death from emphysema..i was contacted at 9pm stating he wasn't going to make it ?? But he had already passed away..they called me back to put the phone to his labourous breathing or last breath taken according to the nurse he passed whilst on the phone Having previously been a fulltime carer in my home for my mother with the same conditions there is absolutely no excuse for ignoring what took place that day... I had had a meeting 3 mths earlier with management and expressed my concerns and it all ended as predicted as well as staff trauma as I witnessed on my arrival the following morning

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Kamren4765 Sep 25, 2018

The staff and care at the Facilty are excellent. Management are very approachable and accomodating. My Mum was very happy here and I highly recommend the site to anyone wanting to place a family member here

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Armando1616 May 10, 2017

My great-uncle has been here for sometime at Opal Florence Tower. Most staff are caring, however, I've been double checking on the meals and found that a lot of meals are being delivered to his room cold. Quality of meals is digusting to be honest. Twice in one week, he was given 1 party pie, 1 party sausage roll with a dallop of mashed potato. Sometimes he doesn't see a staff member from one meal to another. If he fell, no one would know for hours. Now staff are starting to fight in front of him over whether he has a shower or wash every day. I'm seriously considering of moving him to another facility.

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Adaline6602 May 01, 2017

My grandparent is currently living here. Staff are overworked, with some only willing or wanting to do minimum care duties. Residents are left far too long in the bathroom - a lot of the times someone can be waiting for up to 20minutes. Over time, I have personally noticed a few cranky carers - my family and I have not been impressed.

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Arlie4608 Mar 11, 2016

Poor staff over worked...chasing their tails constantly trying to answer those never-ending buzzers which all patients have to endure 24/ very annoying to all...noise pollution extreme. Medication EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for PARKINSON'S PATIENTS is rarely administered on TIME!!! Patients being left on toilet waiting for assistance for far too long!!! You only have to visit the facility and ask patients or their loving relatives and visitors about their grievances if you really cared...however any complaints usually fall on deaf ears!!! 😡 When Centres who send staff out to THIS particular OPAL for work experience refuse to do so then there is something very wrong!!! Let's see what input you have.😟

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Nicola9417 Dec 29, 2015

For everyday care not too bad but for acute illness staff were slow to act, nurses appeared run off their feet on some shifts other times they were watching tv or on their fones. I noticed the residents often had food around their mouths and on their clothes after meals even though they wore big bibs(dementia ward)

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Michael Green May 14, 2015

My elderly father, not an easy man to be with, (resident of Florence Towers Tweed Heads) had ongoing issues with staff over 10 months. He said a young nurse from India and one from China were the only two who reliably did their jobs. His medication was incorrect at least 3 out of 7 days a week. I witnessed this myself. I don't know why, as his G.P. came and clearly wrote the drug schedule and he was the only resident with his name in the facility. Other aspects were great I thought.

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Friend Jul 23, 2014

Caring staff

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