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Bethany Christian Care

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Bethany Christian Care

  • 19 Bell Tce Graceville QLD 4075
  • Phone - (07) 3725 6400
  • 5 reviews
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Apr 11, 2019

The place is really lovely, but like most places they are understaffed. So they dont actually do all the things they promise when your family members resides there. My relative only got out of bed for meals then put back in bed for the rest of the time. He slowly declined due to not being able to be mobile due to lack of staff to watch him.

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Aug 1, 2017

This might not be the newest building but the best atmosphere house model care with loving caring staff, trained and clinical professionals. Concerned about the residents holistic care.

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May 30, 2015

For people with an intellectual disability of advanced age, this facility is totally unsuitable. Very little knowledge or understanding is displayed towards such people, and this facility has no social worker or tertiary qualified person who can provide this knowledge, nor do they follow up and attempt to find out. It does not appear to be important to them. The building is beautiful and a mainstream aged person would be certain to like it. But there is no individual consideration of need and certainly no volunteer program for those with an intellectual disability, as there ought to be if they are going to accept the amount paid for this care. It is very sadly lacking, and the management does not care one bit about such things. Not a satisfactory reference for a so-called Christian organisation that does not know the meaning of humility or love!

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May 9, 2015

My dad loves his carers, and they try to take the time for all in their care. My only "complaint" is that he can get a bit bored - but that is no fault of the carers. They love him and made his recent 100th birthday very special.

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May 7, 2014

My Mum spent her final two years at The Plains in Underwood. We lost her a few years ago after a fall. She was in High Care. Apart from the shortage of staff her care was really great. If we had a problem we were able to go to the manager whenever we required which was not that often. The food was wonderful. The residents never seemed to stop eating or having cups of tea. We were always welcome and became friendly with the staff even offered to have meals with them. Activities were always happening so it was hard to find Mum in her room. My biggest complaint always was shortage of staff. When she broke her hip I stopped working and helped out as much as I could for the past couple of months before at she passed at 93yrs. Mum wasn't that easy to handle due to being very dominating after having so many children and having lived on a farm now living in a room which she did call home after awhile. For the most the staff she had a majority of the time knew her background and her dry sense of humour and treated her as they would their own Mum. We were always notified by phone if any small incident occurred. The overall quality of having our Mum in this Home was second to none for us. It is something we never look back on and wished we had not done as it was in her best interest and care. We were very fortunate to have such a place for her to spend her final years.

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