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  • 20 Ray Ave Busselton WA 6280
  • Phone - (08) 9750 2000
  • 1 review
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Mar 10, 2016

My 95y old mother has been in care now for about two years and I have to say that she is well cared for by the staff as well as cared about by the family. She has two of my siblings close by and another a short distance away. As a result of this one of the family is there most days and can observe first hand the state of the establishment and the behavior of the staff. From what I have been told they are more than happy with what they have seen. My husband and I live 2.5 hr drive away but we visit every week and stay for a week end when we can and our experience with the staff has always been positive. The establishment is a recent extention and so the equipment and furniture are all fresh and modern and even the shared areas are like a family room. The management have regular meetings with both the residents and the family so that if there is a problem or need for review things do not escalate and are taken care of without a problem. I believe that if I was in my mam's situation and not able to be at home I would be happy to be where she is. Close to the beach for fresh air and exercise, bus trips, regular entertainment good food and caring friendly people and my family to visit and take me out. Yes please.

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