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Carrum Downs Nursing Home

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Carrum Downs Nursing Home

  • 1135 Frankston-Dandenong Rd Carrum Downs VIC 3201
  • Phone - (03) 9782 1411
  • 6 reviews
2.7 (6 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Sep 25, 2018

I think they needed just a few more staff

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Jun 9, 2018

The wonderfully warm and caring staff at Carrum Downs Nursing Home made my son's respite stay in this homely facility a happy and relaxed experience.

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Nicole Youl

Jan 21, 2018

When my grandmother initially went to what was called "Bayview in Nolan street Frankston', the care was great and it was privately run. Then the Merakis Enterprises group decided to make the home public to access the bond of each resident. From that moment on the food, care and activities dramatically declined. On numerous occassions I complained verbally, via their feedback forms and emails to no avail. The issues were that they ruined my grandmothers breast prothesis and bras, with no apology or offer to pay to replace. They also shrunk at last 3 jumpers, even though I placed signs all over her room mentioning that I would wash them. Depending on who was working depended on the care my grandmother received. In the end she required assistance with eating. However on numerous occasions I would arrive and the meal would be placed in front of her and no-one was there to assist. At one point a group of 5 ladies were in the dinning room at 4.30pm and left alone, as they are slower eaters than the others so we give them more time. This was 1/2 hour prior to dinner service. General care was poor, my grandmother required TEDS stockings, which were not always put on. Missed matched clothes, put on back to front or inside out. I regularly attended at least twice a week and complained at least weekly. We were looking at moving prior to her death. The most difficult part was dealing with the Merakis Group especially the owner George and his Solicitor Stephan. The banks did not require probate, as I had been my grandmothers financial, medical and guardian for numerous years. However due to 'our contract', I was required to apply for probate. This I did. I received the cheque for the bond, however no interest on the money since my grandmothers death. Numerous phone calls later, emails and a complaint to the age care commissioner I received the interest, however 10 days short. I then went the entire process again. I biggest concern is the lack of care to the residents and then the inability of the Merakis and their representatives to complete the 'contract' with interest included. I am sure many families have been financially short changed. I would not recommend with Merakis nursing home. They are in Carrum Downs and Nolan Street Frankston South.

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Apr 29, 2017

My mum was in this home for nearly two years,mum was bedridden so relied on a outdated buzzer system,whenever mum needed to go to the toilet there was always a wait from 15 minutes to up to an hour excuses were didn't know you were buzzing and we are very busy they even gave mum a bell to ring as the buzzer went to a section that was never manned but even then mum was told by a staff member not to ring the bell,countless times mum was nearly lying flat and hunched over buzzer out of reach,mum had a condition that she needed to always be upright in bed and when mum was very ill it was up to us family to get them to get the Dr in and we had to tell them we want mum to go to the hospital,first time mum had pneumonia and the second time mum was dehydrated and found mums kidneys damaged in the last case we were told by the home mum's fine,mum passed 6 days later.Dont bother with complaints because you won't get replies and if you do they undermine the complaint,mum was supposed to be in high dependence care but they didn't make sure mum drank enough fluids and the constant waiting for the toilet was ludicrous.I do not recommend this facility for your loved ones Some of the staff did care for mum and looked out for her but it made it difficult with the senior staff/management in charge

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rita scarlett

Sep 28, 2015

treated like a business not really cared about the residents

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Oct 5, 2014

Everytime you walk into this Complex it stinks of poo. I've sat by my mothers bed and pressed the buzzer only to have no one come. Once I waited 1 1/2 hours!! My mother is bed ridden and can't do anything for herself anymore. She's always so thirsty!! But talking to ex staff that no longer work in age care, they said they don't give the patients fluids much so they don't have to change them or take them to the toilet... In my mums case this is correct. The food is so bad I wouldnt eat it! I even dry reached feeding it to mum one day. A patients flooded the activity room last night and we over heard a staff member say we. Never usually check up here!!! My mum is the last bed before this room she's hardly checked. I ask nurses for information on mum as I'm also on the files to be notified.. I get yes she's going good. I say well clearly she's not she's getting worse everytime I see her! I haven't spoken or seen a doctor on the weekends ever in there. This is my mother I deserve to know what's going on with her. The only time I have seen this place clean was when they were audited!!! This home needs surprise visits I'm sure it wouldn't pass!!

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