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Charingfield Hostel

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Charingfield Hostel

  • 282A Bronte Rd Waverley NSW 2024
  • Phone - (02) 9369 5444
  • 1 review
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Nov 28, 2016

Mum was there in respite for 5 weeks. I discussed Mums dementia with them and was assured she would be fine. I was told she would be taken on outings once or twice a week 5 weeks she went out twice. I discussed how Mum needed prompting with her personal care eg brushing teeth. I had to supply Mums toiletries and from the toothpaste gone from the tube I would say she cleaned her teeth no more than 6 times in 5 weeks. I booked Mum into the onsite hairdresser for once a week however she didnt go once. I explained how Mum needed to be active and yes she was taken downstairs on weekday mornings for some games etc. after that back to her floor with absolutely nothing to do or anyone around. the communal TV was set on abc all the time. Mum was so bored as she just had to sit around doing nothing on her own for hours and hours. On the day I picked Mum up to come home I was told she had complained of a toothache that morning and was given 2 panadol for it. Mum was in agony and luckily I was able to get her to her Dentist that afternoon who extracted the tooth which was decayed way up into the root and the Dentist said I cannot believe that this tooth has only begun aching today. This place would be fine for a non dementia person but for a person with Dementia its totally not catered for. I found the office staff to be very nice but the staff on the floor Mum was in was very short and abrupt. ....and thats when a staff member was there. I wouldnt ever let Mum go back to Charingfield as its just so NOT DEMENTIA specific.

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