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Fullarton Lutheran Homes Inc

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Fullarton Lutheran Homes Inc

  • 14 Frew St Fullarton SA 5063
  • Phone - (08) 8372 3555
  • 4 reviews
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Sep 25, 2018

Poor communication is all there is left to say

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Sharon Kelly

Jan 28, 2016

Casual staff just don't care. I have evidence of bad early morning cleaning, bed not made, door closed to bathroom when mum can't hardly walk let alone walk on a frame to a closed toilet door. Cleaning in and around the room would be a 5/10. Permanent and long term staff especially carers, who are so underpaid for the work that they do, are great. Nurses, at all levels, just run between residents all day - I do feel sorry for the staff. Whilst I understand the difficulty of getting casual carers due to low rate of pay, recruitment strategies need to be stringent enough to to weed out those that have an 'I don't care attitude'. This is my mums home, she has alway been house proud. I go in every morning and toilet her, clean up and take her washing home because I care. A career as career will not attract good quality people unless they are remunerated appropriately. More than happy to contact me for further information,

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Nov 10, 2015

Fullarton Lutheran Home is a very nice and clean facility with lots of in-house programs for residents. There are some staff that have been there for many years, who really care and understand the challenges of looking after elderly people. I understand the difficult of getting new carers however something needs to be done at the selection and educative level to ensure the right people get the right job and remunerate this group of people appropriately otherwise homes will continue to get non caring, disrespectful and non thinking carers.

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Jul 3, 2015

I could not fault the facility where my sister is a resident. Being totally blind makes it even more demanding for the staff, but I have never heard my sister complain about the care she receives. Very happy to recommend.

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