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Global Care Group Inc

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Global Care Group Inc

  • 13 Redmile Rd York WA 6302
  • Phone - (08) 9641 1689
  • 4 reviews
3.3 (4 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Aug 16, 2017

Facility: Morrison Lodge

Some of the staff are really lovely, the rooms are nice, outdoor areas are nice with fish ponds and outdoor tables, the food is terrible, my parents hate it, my parents have been there for 2 years and have never been taken on an outing by the facility at all and we are very disappointed as recently jewellery which is not only expensive but has a lot of sentimental value has been going missing from my Mum's room. It seems like management's hands are tied as although 1 piece was last seen in a staff members hands they seem to be unwilling to do anything about the thefts. Not that they are replaceable but no offer has been made to replace them either. My mum is heartbroken and we are all very upset that our parents are being cared for by at least 1 untrustworthy staff member that target the elderly.

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Nov 10, 2016

Facility: Balladong Lodge

Beautiful facility, friendly staff, which captures the community spirit of York

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Apr 20, 2016

Facility: Morrison Lodge

My father has just recently passed away after spending 7 months in aged care. He was 97 but it is still very hard losing him. He was fairly independent up until 3 months ago when he went on a slow decline. I really don't know if he was happy in Aged Care but I had no alternative as I couldn't care for him at home. Dad was always complaining about the food. I had a few meals there with him and I honestly thought they weren't to bad. The food could have been a bit hotter. Dad made friends with a couple of the residents but didn't cope very well after they passed away. The staff tried to get him involved in a variety of things but except for bingo he preferred to stay in his room. I personally don't have any complaints about the facility.

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Aug 14, 2015

Facility: Morrison Lodge

I would never put someone in this facility

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