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  • 2 Charlotte St Burradoo NSW 2576
  • Phone - (02) 4868 6200
  • 6 reviews
4.2 (6 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Mar 14, 2016

Mum is well looked after but the meals are not consistently very good

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Lisa grub

Oct 25, 2015

My partner passed away young (50) at HarbisonCare in Buradoo NSW. At the time they had a designated respite room that allowed the family to sleep in the room with her and a place for her sons to shower and have meals. The staff were wonderful and caring. The onsite Chaplin and designated spiritual place was a comfort. Food was good, there were gardens we could take her to, and the equipment that was needed to provide quality care with dignity. They have since completed a remodel of rooms and overall facilities. They have been around for 50 years. Hopefully they will survive the LLLB changes. The smaller community facilities are what is needed. To have legislation and a government that is promoting "get big or go home" is wrong and watching what is happening to smaller facilities, it will have a major impact for the next generation.

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Jun 1, 2015

Building is in good condition, well set out, lovely gardens. Care staff are generally very good, CEO and some management staff he has recruited are very poor and demonstrate less care for residents and common sense than I would expect.

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May 28, 2015

There didn't seem to be thought on what the elderly would like. The craft room had disappeared and was replaced by another dining room to cater for the extra rooms that had been built. Activities were expected to happen in individual's rooms, yet if an individual was feeling 'off', they were not allowed their meals in their room. Staff were pushed to the limits leaving little time for communications and caring. For example giving an apple to a person with full dentures, when they have asked for banana, then to be told that they were not allowed to change fruit. I found it sad to see elderly people line up to get into a dining room, after being told they would have to wait for a certain time to eat. (All due to staffing restrictions, their work schedules and budgets). I have told my children NOT to place me in a Residential Care Facility but to allow me the freedom to see who I want and to eat when I want and not clicked into a timetable.

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May 22, 2015

Wonderful care and consideration given at all times, especially the palliative care my late husband received. It couldn't have been better.

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May 17, 2015

My husband was in Harbison Care at Moss Vale, NSW, for 2 years until his death 4 weeks ago. I cannot praise this facility highly enough and I will always be grateful for the high level of care he received there. He was treated with love and dignity and there was no doubt that in his last months as his dementia increased, they became his family. I was with him for his final 3 days and nights, until he finally breathed his last breath. The palliative care he received was second to none. The nurses and all concerned showed him tenderness and care such as I had never seen.

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