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Jomal Pty Ltd

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Jomal Pty Ltd

  • 362-376 King St Caboolture QLD 4510
  • Phone - (07) 5495 4233
  • 5 reviews
3.8 (5 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Oct 24, 2019

"Sunnymeade Park" has been a god send for both my parents and their children. It is so reassuring now knowing that my parents are living in comfortable accommodation with their own couples suit for themselves. The care staff and management are fantastic. The family that run the aged care community are always approachable and are on hand to help resolve any issues that may arise. The clinical care staff have been outstanding. My parents are so much more healthy now than when they were living in their own home. Both my parents were becoming relusive when living at home but since moving to Sunnymeade are involved in so many daily activities that I cant keep up. Thanks again to Sunnymeade Park's management, care staff and housekeeping staff. You given my parents a quality of life they would never had before. Thanks again."

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Sep 25, 2018

HAve no problem with the way aged care is in Queenslansd. Both my parents and grandparents have lived many happy years in aged care. We as a society have to understand we the tax payer pay for aged care so unless we want to pay more tax (which I am happy to pay as long as the tax raised goes to aged care providers not public servants). The royal commission is a drive by unions to get more of their members additional hours weather the aged care client requires their help or not. Staff ratio's are not required in aged care. Excellent aged care services in Caboolture queensalnd

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May 19, 2017

Our mother and father had rooms opposite one another. They were able to have their own bed together in one room and have a sitting room opposite. It was a beautiful outcome that could have been much harder for them if not able to be together. Food was outstanding as were the staff. Great management team, family run company where you see and talk to the owners every day if need be. When my time comes for aged care services I'll be trying to get a room at Sunnymeade Park. I highly recommend Sunnymeade Park.

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Mar 10, 2016

I never thought my mother would be happy anywhere but in her own wrong I was, she loves it at Sunnymeade.

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Dec 29, 2015

It was our first timeplacing my Father into Respite Care. He is a 90 year old veteran suffering dementure and we were disappointed that they had let us down on our first experience. My 84 year old Mum (who is in need of the respite assistance) is hesitant to try again. They let us down in the most important areas of health, safety and wellbeing. We visited often to ensure he was not fretting and to help eliviate his confusion. We made signs to remind him of what was happening and tried to keep his routine as near as practicable to his everyday life. Safety procedures put in place on arrival were often not adheared to, medication was not administered correctly, medical requirements were not recorded correctly so therefore procedures were not followed through and checked correctly. He was not reminded to shave some days and pygamas were not used. He had either been sleeping in his underwear or clothes. With 3 days ro go his books and signs were all packed into his suitcase for some reason and were not found until packing to leave. These may only sound like small things to others but they are huge hurdles for us to overcome before placing him into much needed respite care again. We don't have much choice of centres offering resite care as they do not have to supply the service.

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