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Kankinya Aged Care Facility

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Kankinya Aged Care Facility

  • 48 Archibald St Lyneham ACT 2602
  • Phone - (02) 6247 3988
  • 3 reviews
4.7 (3 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Apr 14, 2019

Easy to communicate with , very willing to listen or help with any issues . I would not expect to find a better aged care fascility, a very caring place.

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peter gosch

Oct 17, 2018

Its a private ,family owned establishment, everyone from top to bottom is very approachable and easily contactable. The fascility is kept very clean and tidy The staff are also very friendly and caring . Financially they are not demanding nor do they seem to try to squeeze money out of people , they are very fair. Its always a pleasure to visit to go there.

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May 28, 2015

The nursing home is for primarily dementia residents. The staff are excellent with their care of the residents. They show the residents a lot of dignity. The food is good quality for a facility of this size with the main meal cooked for lunch on the premises. There are lifestyle excursions for most of the residents, unfortunately some are unable to walk so do miss out on these lifestyle activities. But they do have volunteers who come to play music for the residents, assist with art classes, games and companion dogs come and visit. They encourage residents families to bring in their own pets as most of the residents smile when they meet a pet.

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