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Marco Polo Aged Care Services Ltd

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Marco Polo Aged Care Services Ltd

  • 70 Waples Rd Unanderra NSW 2526
  • Phone - (02) 4272 7700
  • 11 reviews
3.1 (11 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Oct 23, 2019

The staff at Marco Polo Woonona are exceptionally kind and caring. Nothing is too much trouble . They treat their residents with respect and empathy. Communication with family is always open. The on-site cafe gives an opportunity for family and friends to socialise with their loved ones in a relaxed environment. On-site hairdresser and convenience store is a great convenience.

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Oct 21, 2018

Most of the carers are ' caring ' Some staff at Marco Polo Woonona are not suitable for aged care nursing. Ongoing issues with staffing / resident ratios Not enough carers on duty in the morning to toilet and shower residents in a reasonable time frame. Also Care Managers need to move away from their computers and become more involved in the care and well-being of the residents and staff alike. Food usually hot and tasty at lunchtime but minimal and cold at dinnertime. Activity staff do a good job but concerts usually involve the same old entertainers and are repetitive and boring.

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Sep 29, 2018

Went to visit a relative suffering from Dementia to find faeces on her bedspread, blanket, chair, pyjamas. A tablet on the bedside table and no towels/hand towels in her bathroom. When I questioned the lack of towels I was told well she puts faeces on them.

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Sep 25, 2018

Marco Polo Woonona has been an excellent facility for my mother in the 4 months she has been there I cannot find any fault with her care. Staff are caring

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May 6, 2018

Immovable culture of under-reporting and poor communication significantly impacted on quality of care delivery; as found by the Authority, who placed the institution on notice to a real risk of losing Accreditation. Most unfortunate state of affairs affecting the community interests.

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Mar 10, 2018

Older folk, not necessarily those residing in a nursing home, can bruise more easily. It could be the fragility of the skin, less fat cover to 'protect' the muscle tissue, adverse reactions to medications. My mother has had small bruises on her arms, most likely from being held by the carer, when assisted in her bed. Maybe being held to protect her from hitting her arm on the trolley bath guard rail, or even her bed rail. One day, I saw a bruise extending from behind the knee, down the calf muscle, almost reaching the back of the ankle. I was given an explanation, that my mother had wedged her leg between the mattress and guard rail on her bed; that was the 'most probable' explanation for the bruise. I took images of the lower leg. A cream was applied, and wadding was put in place, covered with a stretch bandage. Within about 3-4 weeks, a huge bruise appeared on the underside of my mother's left forearm, about 2-3cms from behind the wrist, all the way to the elbow and encircling the elbow. The Facility Manager sent my mother to hospital, for an x-ray because there was a painful focal point on the outside of the forearm, close to the elbow. I reported the bruising to the Facility Manager, and lodged a possible physical abuse complaint. This put into place certain steps, as required by Dept of Health and reporting to police. It was made 'clear' to me, the extra protective measures, 2 staff present, together in my mother's room for care services, would detract from the care being provided to other residents. The police weren't in a hurry to come and interview. When they did arrive, some 4 weeks after the report, they were most keen to tell me that without 'evidence' they couldn't lay charges. So, the bruising was not sufficient evidence; I needed to be able to point towards a perpetrator or persons who had inflicted the injury and a definite date. My mother knows how the bruising occurred, she is too frightened to name any names. She simply said that she 'was attacked'. The police explained that evidence from demented residents in the nursing home would not be reliable. There was only one criteria that would apply to this physical abuse report, without evidence then no court proceedings. Case closed! There is compulsory reporting of such incidents to the Dept of Health. The only access to such reporting is for the provider. People such as relatives or private citizens cannot have access, not even confirmation whether the report has been lodged. Seems like a 'closed shop', no information if reporting has been done. And how did the nursing home management team respond, it was stated in the monthly newsletter that 'there was absolutely no evidence to support the allegation'. The huge bruises, the pain, that my mother experienced were so easily dismissed. When the police came to the premises, their presence did create much 'gossip' amongst the staff and visitors. It was some 5 years ago, that a male nurse was sentenced to prison after 'interfering' with some elderly women in the nursing home. For relatives, that memory still stays relevant, and especially how the nursing home disowned all knowledge of the abuse.

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Mar 6, 2018

Meal time in a nursing home can be viewed as a break from the daily routine and recreation pursuits but it's much more than that. Where my mother resides, a common complaint was cold meals at the Relatives

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Jan 22, 2018

A review, ideally, should consider the positive and negative aspectsof the aged care facility/nursing home, and that includes the management, the surroundings, the activities programme, and this should be undertaken without fear of 'reprecussions', always with a helpful/constructive outcome for all concerned. After putting forward such a thought, I undertake this review with the knowledge that it will be considered constructive, and yet, through the means available to me, I remain hopeful that other residents in my mother's nursing home will or could benefit from my work. Here goes. In early June 2016, my mother, apparently, fell from her wheelchair, landing on the floor. I was contacted by phone and a message was left that she had fallen, she had a bump on her forehead, and no other injuries. I arrived at the nursing home, 5 days later, to find that my mother's left forearm was fractured, what is described as a 'dining fork fracture', and the bump on her forehead was very big, she had a 'raccoon eye'. For 5 days, at the nursing home, through 2 shifts per day where a Registered Nurse was on duty, nobody detected the fracture. During that time she was moved, toileted, dressed, the arm was not supported with a splint. She was in severe pain, as I judged by her screams and actions during the x-ray and setting of the bone in the forearm, at Wollongong Hospital. During that time, her GP, saw her twice, he also saw no fracture. On the 5th day he did prescribe a topical analgesic gel to be rubbed into the swollen forearm. Later, when I questioned him why he hadn't recognised the fracture, he said my mother didn't want to see him. But he did claim 2 Medicare consultations during those 5 days! At Wollongong Hospital, the doctor in ED questioned me why my mother wasn't sent to hospital earlier. The bump on the forehead, showing as the 'raccoon eye' should have been a warning signal, there could have been internal bleeding into the brain, there could have been a fracture of the bone surrounding the eye socket. In sharp contrast, 2 days later after the arm was set in plaster, apparently my mother fell from her bed, during the night. According to the phone calls, the ambulance report and hospital notes, she was transported to the hospital very quickly after the fall, and returned to the nursing home, after observation, in the morning. She had some bruising on her right knee. I asked many questions, wrote emails, why was my mother not taken to hospital for an x-ray after the first fall. There was no answer from anyone in the management of the nursing home. This incident has left all sorts of memories for me, the paultry response from the nursing home, how was it possible that so many Registered Nurses did not recognise a fracture, and knowing what pain she went through for 5 days as she was handed for her daily needs. After the incident, I collected available reports from the hospital, the ambulance, Medicare and these are available to substantiate ever statement that I have made above. So what happened next. As her daughter, the only next-of-kin in Australia and carer, in August 2016, some 7 weeks after the incident, the management at the nursing home told me that without an Enduring Guardianship document, I could no longer access my mother's clinical notes held by the nursing home. The reprecussion was swift. The reason was Federal 'privacy laws', no specific section of the Act. The management at the nursing home ignored State legislation, the Guardianship Act 1987(NSW) which supported my involvement and care of my mother in the nursing home. For almost 9 months, I persevered with my arguments, to the point where I asked for a 'formal' meeting with the General Manager, the principal of a private company which runs the management of the nursing home. He agreed to write to the NSW Trustee

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Jun 4, 2015

Was very impressed with the quality and quantity of the food served. Residents all appear very content.

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May 24, 2015

My mother was in Marco Polo for 61/2 years and she was so well cared for the entire time. Nothing was too much trouble for my Mum or for me. My well being was also taken into account at every turn. The staff and care were amazing and my Mum did call it home.

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May 14, 2015

The nursing home allowed a rapist too work there, for years after he was caught, lunchtime food is great but come dinner, scrambled eggs baked beans on toast or a muffin with ham and cheese, residents that have puree have the same meal lunch and dinner for the rest of their days, management are the worst ive ever came across and do not care for the residents just want to protect their jobs. Disgusting wouldnt put my dog in there.

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