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St Brigid's Convent of Mercy Perth Inc

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St Brigid's Convent of Mercy Perth Inc

  • 9 Harvest Loop Edgewater WA 6027
  • Phone - (08) 9306 2449
  • 1 review
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Apr 20, 2016

Facility: Villa Maria Hostel

My Husband has been in age care for just over a year I researched and chose carefully as his condition is not reversible and could no longer be managed at home, my health was not the best after ten years of caring, I needed to downsize to make things easier but also needed to be close enough to my husband in case I could not drive. I found just such a place the Hostel is so caring and happy , a lovely atmosphere. There is also a residential retirement village in the same grounds so I was able to sell and relocate not long after my husband moved into the home. Luckily I do drive once again after having a pacemaker fitted and our situation is happily resolved . I do advise the elderly to have a thought about the time they may no longer are able to care for themselves or their loved ones , my husband and had this discussion a few times over the years before it became reality. Villa Maria , Lesmurdie Road, Lesmurdie, 6076 .

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