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St Luke's Care

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St Luke's Care

  • 18 Roslyn St Potts Point NSW 2011
  • Phone - (02) 9356 0421
  • 1 review
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Sep 25, 2018

My mother stayed for 8 days for respite care whilst I was moving house. When I call in during the evenings, the staff were more interested in standing around gossiping and looking at their photos. Having said that, it is a hard place to work because a lot of the residents have memory loss and I feel it is difficult to work in that environment. You have to be an exceptionally caring person. The food wasn't very good and my mother had just left St Vincent's (public) holidays and Sacred Heart respite. The food was of a higher quality there. I don't know why the food was terrible at St Luke's. If the hospital can get it right, why can't they? Food is very important especially when you are over 80 years of age !!!!

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