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UPA Sydney North Region

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UPA Sydney North Region

  • 1634 Pacific Hwy Wahroonga NSW 2076
  • Phone - (02) 9487 1337
  • 2 reviews
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Jan 18, 2019

Staff are friendly and caring.

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Jun 20, 2015

Residents are treated as units! It is a worry that they don't have time to toilet residents when the feel the urge to void etc but do it a few times a day. I was horrified. My mother was bored all the time, placed in the common room in a wheelchair (designed for casual occupancy not eight hours a day)' with the television turned on but with the sound turned down when most of the residents were hard of hearing. Mum complained of her bell being removed from her bed in the middle of the night do she could not ring for toileting in the middle of the night. She would telephone me in the morning so I could ring the desk to take her a bed pan! This way of life is inhuman. The care ratio for dependant elderly humans should be set at the same ratio as small children with the same needs!!!

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