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Advantaged Care Pty Ltd

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Advantaged Care Pty Ltd

  • 11 Barden Rd Barden Ridge NSW 2234
  • Phone - (02) 9532 2888
  • 4 reviews
4.3 (4 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


May 1, 2018

This is the place I'd like to be when death presents itself to me (hopefully not for a while).

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Mar 14, 2016

Great place. Mum has settled in nicely

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Jan 4, 2016

Would only recommend if desperate for a placement. Food has dropped to well below standard. They advertise themselves as an extra services facility (for which a fee is charged) with chooses of meals but in reality the residents are rarely asked to submit their menu choices and are given whatever the staff puts down in front of them. Maybe all levels of Advantaged Care management should experience the "dinners" that are served at their facilities with the facility managers required to eat twice a week with the residents. Cleanness of the dining area is a ongoing issue with placemats reused between residents without cleaning with old food etc is stuck on them. Ridges in the tables are full of debris. Medication give out after being held in the hand of staff. Staff behaviour in the evenings sometimes boards on playground antics rather than trying to maintain a quiet serene atmosphere - important for residents who have dementia. The staffing seems to have changed - with a noticeable flow on effect to services. The nursing care shows a lack of experience in day to day nursing that staff at hospital level would obtain. There is a reluctance to ask for advice or admit if they don't know. The only pluses - with a very big capital P - are the occupational therapists, the physiotherapy team, the cleaning crew who do the rooms etc, the laundry ladies and a few gems among the staff.

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Oct 8, 2015

This is a wonderful facility who cared for my mother in a wonderful way. Can highly recommend this place.

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