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Alzheimer's Association of Queensland

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Alzheimer's Association of Queensland

  • 33 Tryon St Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122
  • Phone - (07) 3349 0110
  • 4 reviews
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Sep 19, 2018

This is a care facility dedicated to Dementia patients which is good that it is particular to their needs. I have visited my mother at different times of the day or night, and I'm pleased that she always smells clean and it all looks good. One area is for those that are still a bit more mentally aware and there is a dog on site, patients help with cutting food for lunch and there are outings, singalongs and acitivities that patients can cope with. The other side are for patients who are more advanced in their needs. Overall I am very happy with the quality of care my mother receives. I do understand that behind closed doors some facilities have received bad press and I can only trust the staff are kind and respectful.

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Sep 29, 2017

My Grandad was only this their care for 2 weeks, because after a week the director told my Mum he will be moved to the non-secure section when a bed becomes available. She tried to voice her concerns but got no where, so I went in to talk to the director and the conclusion was we had no choice he was moving to the non-secure area. Much like the other review here, you feel like you are being spoken to like a child. My job is actually to advocate for people, so I was confident to do so, but when you short unprofessional responses you soon see that any concern you will ever have with the company will never get you anywhere. Much like the other review to, I wrote a written email to the director and head office explaining why we were withdrawing him from the facility.... i never even received an acknowledgement from either. You would think if they cared about the directors poor communication skills that they would follow up the issues mentioned. We decided to remove him not only for his safety (changing to non-secure) but honestly who can be bothered to deal with a director who is not approachable and wont listen everytime an issue arises. We noticed he was always wearing the same clothes and was never shaved. When the issue was addressed we were told they only do showers every third day. They do this by default, unless you request otherwise. My grandad is incontinent (urine and faecal) so every 3 days is unacceptable. My grandad also asked once to go to the toilet, the staff member shut the door and when she came out said "all done" as if she toileted him. When went in and his pad was undone (he could have pulled on it) and when we went to do it up it was drenched with urine. We called the staff back in who looked and said "but I only just changed it 2 hours ago" and proceeded to do the pad back up. We told her to change it. I would not recommend this nursing home to anyone. Their hygiene standards is not good, the director isn't interested in your concerns, and head office is not interested either. Apart from changing his pad we had no issues with the staff, they all seemed lovely, but when mum visited a couple of times at 630pm the residents are already in bed. They also lock the front gate so you have to buzz in and it can take a long while before they let you in.

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kerry joy mitting

May 13, 2015

My Husband has been in the Garden City Retirement Village since Janurary last year. There have been countless times I have complained to the staff and even wrote a letter to head office, who referred me back to the Director of nursing , who I had already spoke to and was told in no uncertain terms that her nurses were fully qualified and was brushed off like a child. I am 62 yrs, So was not very happy. I have shed many tears about this and wish I could get him into a home closer to where I live.It is very inconvenient to visit him where he is. I have tried many other nursing homes but to no avail. Because he has already been placed, they think it is not an urgent matter any more. This Home is not looking after my husband. I have complained so many times but it falls on deaf ears. I am NOT being heard. I have picked my husband up for an outing on many occasions and he is unshaven and unkempt. Sometimes he has the same clothes on from when I saw him last 5 days ago.. I dont know where to go for help as These people are not listening, it is so exasperating. I NEED HELP! Thankyou Kerry Joy Sutherland

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local carer

Feb 10, 2014

The facility is due to renovate April to July 2014. It's a 40 bed ladies with dementia only facility.

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