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Bendigo Health

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Bendigo Health

  • Stoneham St Golden Square VIC 3555
  • Phone - (03) 5441 4282
  • 5 reviews
3.2 (5 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Aug 3, 2017

Quality building with spacious interesting design. Meal times are too close together, primarily the evening meal could benefit by being even 30 min. later than current - would make the residents evenings thereafter shorter. One hospital/aged care facility in the region will serve toast as supper prior to residents retiring - worth considering - maybe a savoury biscuit/cheese would be less messy than toast to cap off the day? Some of the 4 corridors/wings have a good garden/car park activity view - other resident rooms look out on dead grassed non gardened area - need to have something pleasurable for residents to view from all rooms. Breakfast lacks protein - occasional eggs would be beneficial. Facility is isolated from, and has no connection with community groups - makes for limited visitation, incorporation of volunteers, more variety in activities persuable etc. Very disappointing that a person of limited mobility, e.g. can stand, one-step, and pivot, is classified as "can't walk"- and therefore upon entry to aged care facility is 'made a near-paraplegic' by denying use thereafter of patients legs/feet, this as 100% patient movement by aged care staff then becomes by aerial hoist. Most undignified to render a partly capable person a 'near paraplegic' to accommodate faster handling of resident by nurses - no respect for the resident person. Overall quality of Stella Anderson Nursing home okay otherwise - it does seem however to be tilted toward nursing rather than aged care and ageing in place. Day excursions are provided to select patients each week which those participating enjoy. No indication of concert attendance. Would benefit if some local Bendigo or country area groups could have their meeting at the home say once a month. Also walk-able residents would benefit by an organised short walk outside say weekly - possible as this home is in a 'paddock' like area, and some trees, birds, fences, birds etc. nearby would change a residents perspective - a change of scenery once a week via an organised 30 min. walk/sit would benefit - 'a change is as good as a holiday' - as best as possible in a nursing home environment.

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Aug 1, 2017

I cannot speak highly enough of the care my mother is receiving at Joan Pinder Nursing Home. She is treated with respect and affection, she is always clean and nicely dressed and I am very happy with the activities, nursing, kitchen and cleaning staff.

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Dec 23, 2015

I cannot speak highly enough of this facility. The care and attention is exceptional and the activities programme is varied and interesting, and enthusiastically run. Building is light and welcoming, lovely garden and pets can be brought in to visit. Meals are good. My mother is treated with respect and affection.

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May 26, 2015

old building , share rooms by 2, bathroom by 4, food un appealing to look at and eat often cold when suppose to be hot , no time to keep the clients moving to keep there fitness up , no though given between those who are still of sound mind but physical slower and those who are the twilight world, under staffed to cater for the need of each client , maybe we need a re think of each facility divide up in the need of the clients, of sound mind and can interact with others would make there stay more enjoyable instead sitting there waiting to die, its all about the profit margin not the client.

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Jul 22, 2014

Extremely poor communication from one shift to another extreme lack of respect for family when loved is dying ( threw all our mothers belongings outside including our mothers handbag ) unprofessional Nurseing Manager doesn't return ph calls

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