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Dependable Care Pty Ltd

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Dependable Care Pty Ltd

  • 37 Bamfield Rd Heidelberg Heights VIC 3081
  • Phone - (03) 9457 1445
  • 3 reviews
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Apr 27, 2019

Facility: Reservoir Lodge

Not the place for a 26 year old with depression, anxiety and ptsd. Not a place of recovery. The building itself is ancient and in need of some serious work (for example, the front door keeps breaking presenting a fire risk).The hygiene standards are terribly lacking, almost everyone smokes and hassles each other over cigarettes. The staff are accommodating but with the stress they are under dealing with 50 residents (most who are aged over 50 and have more debilitating physical and mental health issues than I). Nobody here is really happy, they are either angry or depressed. Each and every other day someone gets assaulted, abuse is commonplace. One individual I know has smashed windows and holes in the walls. Look elsewhere if you want somewhere livable.

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Oct 15, 2015

Facility: Reservoir Lodge

an absolutely atrocious living environment for anyone unfortunate enough to be going through a time of hardship. the food does not have anywhere near enough nutritional value that the human body needs, the staff come across as rather conceited, condescending, and lack quite a large amount of sympathy, empathy and understanding and don't really support you through any endevours you wish to persue. the building and facilities themselves are decrepit and worn down, yet still contain a clinical vibe to them. imagine the most run down doctors practice you can think of and then picture it being converted into units. this is not a nice place. this place does not have a saving grace. i guess the only thing this business does is prove that there is a massive problem within the sector for the funding for aged care services within our government, and it's sad to know that the elderly aren't nurtured and well looked after, but rather treated like second class citizens in a place that will potentially be their home for the rest of their remaining lives. this place should not be considered a last resort. this place isn't the bottom of the barrel. it does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as a barrel. from witnessing staff sleeping in the office with one another, being served baked beans on toast for dinner, being given no recreational activities to occupy myself, and being treated with no respect or dignity whatsoever which diminished my self esteem, i think i've said enough. approximately $200 - $300 per fortnight per resident is in no way justifiable considering what's not avaliable, as it lacks in every department.

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Jan 20, 2014

Facility: Bamfield Lodge

I visited this quiet, small facility whilst inspecting various facilities in the north-east of Melbourne for my grandmother. I found this facility to be very small and cosy, not at all extravagant, but felt that a smaller facility like this one (it only has 22 low care beds) would be able to provide a greater and more personal care for my grandmother. The information I was provided with was excellent and I felt very confident that the employee giving me the tour was not with holding any information. The rooms are of average size, sparsely furnished, but do contain their own en-suite for each room which was very practically and aesthetically nice. I can't find much fault from what I saw during my inspection, as it isn't as extravagant as other places I have inspected; it did have a warmth and personability about it.

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