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Rosha Pty Ltd

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Rosha Pty Ltd

  • 58 Chief St Brompton SA 5007
  • Phone - (08) 8346 6519
  • 1 review
3.0 (1 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Oct 22, 2015

Some old and some recently constructed rooms. Recently constructed areas by both design and realisation are stark and pragmatic rather than inviting and homely. Some parts of older sections showing evidence of inattention to maintenance. Very limited outdoor access to small paved areas with no outlook. Garden areas mainly in public domain rather than areas accessible to residents. On-site facilities sufficient for a perfunctory lifestyle with few opportunities for physical wellbeing, personal development or community/family social engagement. The setting may suit some with low expectations but for those who want more than basic care, look elsewhere for other facilities with more enlightened ideas and physical infrastructure to facilitate a more normal 'home' experience. Supported 'care' rather than supported 'living'. Reminds one of the older style 'nursing home' model - another 'God's waiting room' without the magazines. 2015

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