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Sir William Hudson Memorial Centre

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Sir William Hudson Memorial Centre

  • 8 Fachin Ave Cooma NSW 2630
  • Phone - (02) 6452 3588
  • 6 reviews
2.8 (6 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Aug 23, 2017

The actual nurses seem caring and professional. Some of the older nurses aides seem intent on bossing the younger aides and are rude and sarcastic. Any complaints about patient care is met with a hostile look. Have heard place had an overhaul...thats good. There is an atomosphere of tension in the air. Feel management are not very good in their interview process regarding choosing people with some level of empathy. If people only work there because there are not enough jobs in the area...which I have heard is true then there surely must be people who would love to work there and have suitable attributes associated with aged care.

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Oct 7, 2016

My mother was a long term, high level care resident at SWHMC. It was the best place for Mum to be at that time and the staff were more than excellent. The new building extension really lifted the ambience and increased daily living options available to all residents. The choice of room options is great eg single, double, triple etc and our time there was overall a good care experience.

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Sep 14, 2016

The home is undergoing a lot of change with staff wanting to make my dads stay really happy. The cook made us feel welcome as part of the family and it was nice to be able to sit and eat with dad and my kids. I loved visiting when the school children came to play for the day. The place came alive when they were here. Even though dad couldn't do things for himself he still had a choice which was nice.

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Jul 21, 2016

a wonderful warm and friendly group of staff, food is amazing and the cooks are willing to make what I really want. The animals are great with the staff coming in on their days off to help the residents feed the baby cows, budgies, fish, doves and puppies- its really exciting. Registered nurses are on every shift and everyone is really helpful when we need help. Families are welcome and their new bus makes outings more interesting and easier to be involved with. I would recommend them for those wanting a bit more than just plain care, its a real family

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Mar 14, 2016

This facility is ok if you can speak up for yourself

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Jul 10, 2015

My father was in residential care for 18 months until 2014. We faced so many obstacles trying to ensure my father had quality care and despite many complaints this did not occur. I was in the process of submitting a formal complaint when my father passed away. My siblings and I were so concerned about his care that we ensured that one of us was at the Nursing Home every day.

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