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Anglican Care

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Anglican Care

  • Toronto Rd Booragul NSW 2284
  • Phone - (02) 4958 0000
  • 19 reviews
4.0 (19 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Nov 13, 2017

The care my mother received was excellent. Our family will be forever grateful for the kindness, love and care given to Mum.

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Jul 31, 2017

Mum relies on the staff for everything and they care for her

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Mar 17, 2016

I would recommend the facility as it's one of the best available in the area (country NSW), however, lots of room fo.r improvement and took a lot of effort and follow up on the family's part to achieve an improvement in the care our Mum was receiving.

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Mar 15, 2016

The staff were amazing, the care they took of Mum and their involvement in her day to day care. I would recommend this aged care facility to everyone looking for a happy, clean environment for their loved ones. The aged care facility was Carey Bay, at Toronto NSW.

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Mar 10, 2016

Dad has been in a care facility for nearly 12 months he has Alzheimer's and vascular Dementia ,he settled in very quickly and I have a piece of mind ,any issues are dealt with very fast and efficiently .

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Dec 3, 2015

My mother who recently passed away was in a dementia specific aged care facility. I found although 99.9% of the staff were wonderful they were very understaffed which meant the quality of care wasn't as it should be. Especially on weekends where there was minimum staff and no RN onsite. My mother went through stages where she wouldn't eat or drink. Some staff members made a genuine effort to encourage her but unfortunately because of staff numbers this was not always possible. She lost weight rapidly and was often dehydrated. We made an effort to be there at meal time so she would at least eat something with help. Also there was little to keep the residents occupied. Many times I observed people nodding off in front of a tv which was way too small . This was not the fault of the activities officer but a funding and staffing problem. My mother was a very sociable person and although she had dementia I am sure she would have been much happier had she been kept busier. Something other then bingo which was run by volunteers almost daily. I also feel more could have been done to manage my mother's pain. Although on a pain patch it obviously wasn't strong enough. We were not happy with the GP so called in a geriatrician but unfortunately we only saw him once. In hindsight we should have asked to be informed when he would be there . I feel he wasn't given a true picture of her physical health. There is only one RN there and to my mind is overworked and is responsible for making very important decisions regarding the residents health. The manager is also an RN BUT I don't think she is very proactive at nursing although to be fare maybe the RN consults with her. My mother was taken to hospital after a fall. Nurses described her physical condition as poor and she was dehydrated. I understand that with dementia they may forget how to manage a knife and fork or to drink but I think if that's the case they need to be helped. If staffing is a problem then they need to be calling for volunteers to help those unable to feed themselves at meal time. Much food was wasted because residents couldn't manage on their own. In saying all of this the majority of staff treated my mother with care and respect.

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Oct 12, 2015

Not sure about tge food as Mum had trouble eating.

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Sep 26, 2015

Little hiccups that we now have worked through and are sp pleased that my mum is where I know quality care is there when you need it for her and myself

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Paula Booth

Aug 1, 2015

My father has moved into storm retirement village Taree NSW care facility since April 2015 ,All I can say is the care they give too him is amazing he settled in straight away and even when he came down with double pneumonia they went above and beyond with caring for him and low behold he pulled through it .I can sleep at night knowing he is ok and safe .

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Jun 3, 2015

It is what I anticipated. Some aspects very good and some bad

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May 31, 2015

When first putting my mother there it was great staff was wonderful. But after staff and management changed so did the experience. Caught my mother being yelled at a couple times. In her final months at a different facility the staff were wonderful

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May 29, 2015

The venue was bright and sunny but when it was meal time the food smelt over stewed. also there was a constant smell of urine around the rooms.

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Vicki Mac

May 28, 2015

My mother had to go into a nursing home in January due to dangerous falls at home, she has something similar to parkinsons disease. The building was built in the 60's, has 3 shared bathrooms between 45 beds and is pretty run down although its very solid. There is a new home being built on the block next to it and should be open in november. The reason mum chose that one is because its close to family and friends but most important to her is her 14 year old dog can visit her. The younger staff are so good and willing to do anythng for the residents. I would go through the other thngs as it would take too long

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May 26, 2015

Understaffed facility means residents are reluctant to call for anything. Housekeeping leaves much to be desired.

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Rosemarie McPherson

May 10, 2015

A nice facility with spacious rooms and large verandahs over looking Toronto..The staff are very welcoming and helpful.

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May 10, 2015

A nice facility with spacious rooms and large verandahs over looking Toronto..The staff are very welcoming and helpful.

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Jun 9, 2014

My father needed care because of his dementia. We placed him in a residential care centre in our area and they could not cope with him. They didn't have enough staff to cope with the number of residents. After another stay in hospital to iron out more medical problems we were offered a place at McIntosh Hostel at the CA Brown Village at Booragul. THE STAFF ARE ALL ANGELS!! They make all family members welcome and are happy to provide any information. Dad has a very nice comfortable room and there is a wonderful outdoor area for the residents and it is a fantastic complex. The food is just like home cooked and always makes me hungry when I smell it. I am so thankful to have been able to be offered a place at this facility for my Dad.

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May 8, 2014

Staff are very nice...quality of food very good...rooms very is good...

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Mar 24, 2014

Overall, I am very happy with the standard of care etc that they provide to my Mother. However, since being taken over by Anglican Care, I have experienced a number of issues and now have a number of concerns in relation to billing, failing to respond to correspondence, etc.

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