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Doutta Galla Aged Services Limited

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Doutta Galla Aged Services Limited

  • 75 Moreland St Footscray VIC 3011
  • Phone - 03) 9689 0644
  • 19 reviews
3.2 (19 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Aug 3, 2017

The same issues happen repeatedly. After complaining, the situation improves temporarily, but then reoccurs over and over again. My mum not being changed often enough and getting saturated with urine. Not being showered often enough. Daily showering not considered necessary. Once my mum's bed had been made with dried urine stained sheets. I was told the staff member concerned had not been trained properly. I don't think you need training to know not to make a bed with dirty smelly urine stained sheets. How sorry I feel for my mum. I feel I have let her down. I go to the nursing home every day, to make sure she is ok. Nothing like all the cheesy smiling ads on TV.

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Casey Barton

Oct 30, 2016

I am reviewing this based only on first impressions from taking a tour. I have not had anyone I know stay there. I visited about 8 aged care facilities when looking for a nursing home for my Dad and I found Lynch's Bridge to be the best. Footscray and Yarraville also made a good impression. These aren't the fanciest ones around, but the staff seem to be better than any other inner city places I visited. The residents and staff seemed happiest. Great location as well.

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Jann Voigt

Mar 15, 2016

I highly recommend this care home as my dad has been there for five years . The care he was given was amazing the last twelve months he developed cancer and I'm sure in my heart they kept him going nothing was any trouble but he has just lost his battle and they were so lovely the respect they had for dad many of them coming to the funeral even though dad's not there I hope if ever I have to go into care that would be the one I went to .

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Dec 9, 2015


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Oct 7, 2015

Not the best information provided but was the only one acailable...The Australian staff were uncarrying and no help at all but the other staff were so much kinder and understanding..the enivonment was not pleasant at all and the hygenine of the place let a lot to be desired...Overall quality poor..

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Oct 2, 2015

I have visited this facility on many occasions with my husband and we have found it to be excellent. the lifestyle staff are currently trying to get enough money to but a home theatre system so that other facilities can come and share films with their residents. they have organised a night at the local bowling club with musical acts and raffles and even supper and are currently selling tickets. I think this is wonderful of the staff as they have enough to do each day.

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liesel miller

Jun 12, 2015

This home is one of the best I have visited. The staff are caring ,friendly and love their residents. When I get old I would love to live there. They have midsummer market and a Christmas market and the residents love them and also they have a coffee shop which is open one morning a week for the residents to get together. It is a truly remarkable home run by truly remarkable people.

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Jun 11, 2015

Can't believe how quick the decline in my mother was once she entered this facility. I really feel for anyone in this facility who doesn't have family checking on them regularly. We needed to have quite a few "meetings" to bring their attention to so many things! and even then things weren't addressed properly.

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May 28, 2015

These residential facility , during summer time the facility is like an oven, and during winter its like an ice as well. the ventilation is not good and the quality of food is not good variety and most of the resident don't want to eat . Not enough staff most of the the work load are to heavy for the staff and quality of care is below average.

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May 16, 2015

Very warm and welcoming facility. The Residents appear to be very happy and clean. I helped with the items for the yearly concert and found it a wonderful experience dealing with the residents and the staff. Would do it again if asked.

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May 3, 2015

Well set out facility but felt it was a little too large for those with advanced health problems such as dementia as I felt they could easily be forgotten.

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Apr 28, 2015

Initially when my nana had to be placed due to worstening dementia, we thought we had found the best facility to suit her needs. How wrong we were! Over a year later, each week seems to bring new issues as well as old issues which are never addressed! Basic needs are not met. There is no flexibility or initiative from staff. Concerns are not passed on to other staff members, the same conversations frustratingly occur over and over again. The supervision is next to non existent. I often visit after work ( approx 4pm) to find my nana still in bed, wearing a dirty nighty and wearing a wet pad. I wonder if she has eaten all day, if anyone has bothered to convince her to get up, help her shower or eat. It's too easy for the carers to say she refused and move on. Those with dementia need encouragement and persuasion, not to be left to there own devises. The staff quite obviously have a poor understanding of dementia and the behavioural issues associated with it. Complaining sometimes results in mild improvements, with my nana up and in the dining area at the next visit. However sitting with those who do not speak English, eating European food she had never chosen to eat in 80 years and sitting without her hearing aids, as they have been lost yet again, causes frustration and anxiety. The hard choice to place a loved one in a facility is made easier knowing they will be cared for. Since being at Doutta Gala, my nana has fallen over numerous times and had more injuries then she ever had at home. Family now visit more, worried about who is actually caring for my nana. My mothers life is impacted more than ever as she is constantly concerned and worried that my nana is being cared for to an adequate standard. The issues are ongoing, and overal this facility is poor!

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Apr 24, 2015

Facility is managed poorly with no focus on handover or follow up with staff. The same issues occur over and over again and are not resolved. There is little point in complaining as the management become very defensive and often do not respond to phone calls or emails sent. The staff are not trained to deal with dementia patients and appear to have little or no knowledge of typical alzheimers behaviours. I have to shower my mother at least twice a week to ensure she is clean. Whilst she is scheduled to be showered 3 times per week only, she often refuses and there is little effort made to encourage her to shower. When I mention this, I am constantly told that if she refuses that is it. I think it is quite a convenient way to avoid work to say " she said no". I am disgusted by this lack of cleanliness and so would my mother be, if she was able to think rationally. The evening meal is of poor quality compared to the lunch time food and menu options are geared towards European tastes. There is huge quantities of pasta and little variety. There is little effort made to ensure that my mother eats and drinks. She often forgets to eat or drink, and without my constant intervention, she would barely touch her evening meal. Her food is left on the tray for her to eat if she wants. My mother has little interaction with other residents because if I do leave her in community areas to interact, she is left there till 9pm as she cannot remember where her room is. When I have mentioned to staff to have her interact for just a few hours and then take her back to her room, they blame her for not being able to find her own room. One staff member complained to me that they have told her numerous times her room number but she does not remember. The reason she does not remember is because she has alzheimers, which is why she is in a nursing home in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 17, 2015

Can't believe how quickly my mother deteriorated once she moved into this facility. The lack of communication and understanding from the staff has really disappointed us. We go to visit and walk away in tears. Certainly not the way she would of wanted to be remembered.

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Apr 9, 2015

Evening meal food is of lesser quality than lunchtime food. A large focus on pasta dishes with little other options. Handover of staff information relating to residents is poor. Minimal encouragement to residents regarding showering/washing. If a resident denies showering, little or no enticement follows from staff, to encourage resident to change their mind. The typical response is that the resident has said no. Showering is scheduled 3 times per week only, which is not sufficient to encourage self worth, hygiene and self confidence. Minimal understanding from staff of dementia and typical associated behaviours.

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Aug 5, 2014

On initial impression the facility seemed ok but spending more time there I see some lack of attentiveness and drop in standard of care and food quality. Food is more catered for the Europeans rather than traditional Australian dishes my grandmother is used to.

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Aug 5, 2014

Staff are always kind and work hard atmosphere is calm despite the difficult nature of the job.

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Jul 7, 2014

Very pleased with the overall inspection and the quality of staff

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May 6, 2014

After looking through various homes in the area, Doutta Gala was one of the best.The building was modern and clean, with plans to renovate and alter to meet residents needs( garden to be built for dementia patients, existing work shop for men interested in wood work). The staff were very friendly and accommodating. Compared to the other homes, Doutta Gala seemed very flexible with their rules and regulations; a necessity when accommodating to individuals needs.The common areas were clean and all the residents appeared happy and well looked after.

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