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Doutta Galla Aged Services Limited

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Doutta Galla Aged Services Limited

  • 75 Moreland St Footscray VIC 3011
  • Phone - 03) 9689 0644
  • 30 reviews
2.9 (30 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Mar 19, 2021

For the sake of your loved one DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY!!!! They had no covid cases because they locked their residents up rather than manage the risk. THEFT, Lack of RESPECT, lack of CARE!!!!!!

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Fiona Fitzgerald

Jun 25, 2019

I recently placed my Mother in care for 2 weeks while I had to travel interstate. She could not have been more complimentary towards the staff and her stay in general. In fact she is looking forward to next stay and continually mentions how lovely and helpful the staff were. Thank you Doutta Galla Footscray staff. Fiona Fitzgerald.

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Apr 15, 2019

Staff often have poor english with very strong accents, and some hearing impaired residents cannot understand them. Communication is of utmost importance in Aged Care, especially with Dementia sufferers. This lack of understanding causes numerous problems. Management do not follow up with care staff. When you complain, Management apologizes and passes issue onto to Carer concerned, but if there is no complaint made, then poor service continues and there is no checking process from Management to police this. For eg Management don't do spot checks to ensure all duties pertaining to a resident, is carried out correctly. They rely on receiving complaints, which they then claim to action. The same issues reoccur time and time again. For eg. No glass left near resident so they can have a drink. Cordial is not always fresh and once again is not always left near resident, for access. Not always tissues and toilet paper provided. Often I have to collect these items myself. I also have to collect towels as they are not always available in my mother's room. Not enough evening staff. Many residents are fed cold food and sometimes miss out completely. This is why I visit most days and feed my mother the evening meal, to ensure she is fed and drinks. She is always very thirsty and clearly does not have enough fluids. I have to monitor how many showers my mother has. She often will go several days without being showered. When I complain they say she is sponged as an alternative. A "sponge" from what I have seen, is being wiped with a towel in the crutch area. Not an alternative to a full shower, in my opinion. Staff are poorly trained and have little knowledge of hearing aides or basic common sense knowledge pertaining to the elderly. There is also a significant shortage of staff in the afternoons and evenings. This causes staff to take short cuts and overlook residents requiring care.

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Apr 11, 2019

My Stepfather who has Altzeimhers is left to his own devices with no supervision and gets lost and we found him in bed terribly over heated with the aircon off no staff member was checking on him facility is very understaffed.

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Jan 20, 2019

The food here is beyond disgusting just flat out looking at it makes me nauseated to just look at it. My relative stopped eating for days as the food was so bad. While day staff are ok night staff are unskilled and lack the ability to deliver care. Concerns are dismissed, not addressed and no collaborative aporoach to resolve, you will be told that doutta galla are doing the right thing at all times. Managment have an arrogant, rude and dismissive attitude. Consistantly having a bad attitude towards paying (aged care is very very expansive) customers seems to be the norm here. From mafia style extortion and intimidation tactics and whispered comments under thier breath during phone conversations and flat denials of resident rights under the aged care act the management here are horrific, at a very distressing time for family they take advantage of that fact. Witnessing an exchange between the registered nurse and care giver, the care giver had given incorrect medications. A full 5 min conversation in which the care giver refused to take responsibility for the error and blamed everyone from the nurse to the cooks. These are the people your supposedly trusting to care for your lived one!!!! Another example of negligence would be assisting my relative to the toilet in the dinning room and there was poo all over the toilet and floor, after informing the staff they said the cleaners had gone for the day and left the toilet in that state. (Residents have dementia and someone would have sat in it, like my relative) i locked the door from the outside to prevent a resident using the loo on that state. Hand on heart if anyone in managment required aged care later in life i dont believe they would choose doutta galla and in fact they should experience care in thier own facility to see what culture they promote and level of care they are providing. When we decided that we would remove our family memeber from doutta galla our redundable and protected deposit had funds deducted from it without notification or consultation, apparantly contractually allowed under the aged care act, but not willing to discuss the deductions and telling me i can take whatever action i want and again with mumbled comments and not willing to repeat what they said. (Quite unbelieveable they act like this) Again another example of mangment doing what it likes and behaving like your doing a deal at a trash and treasure market or buying a sofa from gumtree rather than dealing with someone's care and a persons life savings. In its current state doutta galla does not deliver adequate care and is not prepared at any level of managment to engage in meaningful conversation to discuss concerns. I think it sums it up when you remove someone from thier care and not a single individul at doutta galla managment asks why. The reason i believe fully illustrates my points above, they dont care about the people and they dont care about their facility and they are money focused. So my course od action is to post this to forums to warn potential resisnets and make this submission to the royal commission.

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Sep 27, 2018

1/Constantly complaining about the same issues over and over which never get rectified. 2/Carers often have strong accents and are hard to understand. Cannot communicate at all to kitchen or cleaning staff, who often cannot speak english at all. Extemely hard for elderly residents with hearing issues to understand many of the Carers. 3/Despite mentioning issues to RN it is always the same outcome. No change. Lots of apologies and excuses but ultimately, no change to the issues.They do not like a change in their routine. Prior to admission, all sorts of promises were made, not many have come to fruition. 4/ Carers blame morning staff and morning staff blame evening staff. All staff blame staff shortages for anything that takes place. Not everything that happens is due to staff shortages. 5/Always have to get a clean glass and orange cordial for my mother's room. Have asked for this repeatedly but never happens. I go in nearly every day and do it myself. 6/Staff at mealtimes are not well managed. Many don't seem to be doing much. Others are flat out. 7/Staff have minimal understanding of hearing aides and often put them in the wrong ears ( which don't fit and ultimately don't work). Often the compartments are not shut properly, which prevents them from working and is actually worse than not wearing them at all. Once again, I check my mother's hearing aides daily and clean them and change batteries weekly. I have no faith that staff are willing or able to do this. 8/ Some items have been stolen from my mothers room such as jewellery and perfume. Staff know there is no cameras in rooms and potentially take advantage. Despite the loss of privacy, I would be willing to have cameras in my mothers room, to avoid potential abuse and theft. 9/ My mother often has an odour and when I ask how often she is showered, I am always told that she is showered regularly. I don't believe this to be the case. They also say often she is sponged, and when I ask what that entails, they advise a full body sponge all over. I suspect this is not the case, but can't prove it. 10/ Overall food is good. Too much pasta. Advised Facility 4 years ago that my mum did not eat pasta. She still repeatedly gets given pasta despite being told this time and time again. For many of the old aussie residents, pasta is not part of their typical diet. 11/Staff have limited knowledge of Dementia, despite the chronic presence of Dementia in the Facility. 13/Cannot contemplate justification for $2500 approx per month that my mother pays to this Facility. There is either huge profits, high management salaries or mass mismanagement.

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Sep 26, 2018

My husband first experience in living in an aged care facility was very overwhelming with increased anxiety that skyrocketed to such a level that it was cruel of me if I ignored his feelings. His stay lasted short of 3 months. Despite of me helping in his care every single day and most of the time I stayed till 10pm until I put him to bed, John's needs were not met especially in the night time. John also is on apomorphine infusion which I had to educate them and show them how to administer the infusion and how to operate the pump for his Parkinson's disease. I did this basically every day. The pump consultant educated them as well but only the ones who were rostered on the day.Further the permanent workers absence from work was filled with new staff from the agency and who were not familiar with the pump. There were several phone calls from John in the middle of the night, to tell me that he is wet, cold and scared of falling as the staff do not attend to him. He had a few falls during his stay. Then I call to let the duty worker that John needs help. John also attempted to call the ambulance for help. The very first time that he called 000 he gave them my home address, he was confused where he was. Lucky that I saw the flashing light through the window and went to the front door. The paremdics by this time already called the police to break in as they thoughtJohn was on his own and that he might be at risk. Also at the time he is in this state of high anxiety his speech is affected and is not clear. I explained to the paremadics the situation and said to them that I am very exhausted both physically and mentally and financially worse off. Instead of having respite I was more worse than where he was at home. This nursing home that he was in compared to others that I looked into passed my concerns. It was clean and spacious and nice however, the appealing transparency of the building, it certainly did not weigh up with the care of the fragile, helpless and who have no voice. The balance is flat ZERO. Amongst the odd ones there are dedicated staff but they cannot meet up with the needs of every resident, and I do believe that such staff feel bad when other residents were left out under their care due to the shift is over. It is of utter importance that the scale of staff and resident ratio be uplifted by far more than what it is now. These people are like babies they need a lot of attention and care. These are human beings, it's cruel and very very inhumane. The second concern is the food it is absolutely terrible. I conclude my concerns by saying that this needs fixing big time and treated as urgent. Once this is fixed it is done for everyone including you the receiving end and me. After all we do not know what's around the corner for us and we might end up in one of these shocking and frightening places if nothing is done. I for one certainly do not want to fall a victim of this daunting and crippled system. In addition to the above, I strenuously say that the non pensioners who are charged higher than the pensioners in the daily fee is absolutely roberry. For what service I may add? It's the same service as the pensioners except for the FILTHY RICH. Not that there should be at all any preference, we all fall under the same umbrella. Who is capitalising from this, is the owner of the organisation in addition to the poor running the facility with short of staff and tight budget of the running costs of the facility.

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Sep 25, 2018

Excellent lifestyle and wellbeing activities

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Sep 25, 2018

my mother was treated like a child and was a very placid easy going lovely lady. I wanted to take her out of the nursing home because of the treatment but wasn't well myself so couldn't look after her. she got quite sick 8n the 3nd and I had to fight them to get her out of there and 8 to palliative care.

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Sep 20, 2018

Carers have poor english skills and often cannot be understood by the elderly who are often hearing impaired. More training on the function and installation of hearing aides and more exposure to dementia and associated behaviours. Cameras should be installed in bedrooms, provided permission granted, to minimize abuse and also theft.

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Sep 18, 2018

My father is in a facility in Avondale Heights, Victoria. He has been there just over 12 months. Family members visit once or twice a week at different times. We have been happy with the services there and the quality of care. The food is gvaried and good, activities are held everyday and staff is friendly and caring.

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Aug 3, 2017

The same issues happen repeatedly. After complaining, the situation improves temporarily, but then reoccurs over and over again. My mum not being changed often enough and getting saturated with urine. Not being showered often enough. Daily showering not considered necessary. Once my mum's bed had been made with dried urine stained sheets. I was told the staff member concerned had not been trained properly. I don't think you need training to know not to make a bed with dirty smelly urine stained sheets. How sorry I feel for my mum. I feel I have let her down. I go to the nursing home every day, to make sure she is ok. Nothing like all the cheesy smiling ads on TV.

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Casey Barton

Oct 30, 2016

I am reviewing this based only on first impressions from taking a tour. I have not had anyone I know stay there. I visited about 8 aged care facilities when looking for a nursing home for my Dad and I found Lynch's Bridge to be the best. Footscray and Yarraville also made a good impression. These aren't the fanciest ones around, but the staff seem to be better than any other inner city places I visited. The residents and staff seemed happiest. Great location as well.

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Jann Voigt

Mar 15, 2016

I highly recommend this care home as my dad has been there for five years . The care he was given was amazing the last twelve months he developed cancer and I'm sure in my heart they kept him going nothing was any trouble but he has just lost his battle and they were so lovely the respect they had for dad many of them coming to the funeral even though dad's not there I hope if ever I have to go into care that would be the one I went to .

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Dec 9, 2015


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Oct 7, 2015

Not the best information provided but was the only one acailable...The Australian staff were uncarrying and no help at all but the other staff were so much kinder and understanding..the enivonment was not pleasant at all and the hygenine of the place let a lot to be desired...Overall quality poor..

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Oct 2, 2015

I have visited this facility on many occasions with my husband and we have found it to be excellent. the lifestyle staff are currently trying to get enough money to but a home theatre system so that other facilities can come and share films with their residents. they have organised a night at the local bowling club with musical acts and raffles and even supper and are currently selling tickets. I think this is wonderful of the staff as they have enough to do each day.

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liesel miller

Jun 12, 2015

This home is one of the best I have visited. The staff are caring ,friendly and love their residents. When I get old I would love to live there. They have midsummer market and a Christmas market and the residents love them and also they have a coffee shop which is open one morning a week for the residents to get together. It is a truly remarkable home run by truly remarkable people.

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Jun 11, 2015

Can't believe how quick the decline in my mother was once she entered this facility. I really feel for anyone in this facility who doesn't have family checking on them regularly. We needed to have quite a few "meetings" to bring their attention to so many things! and even then things weren't addressed properly.

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May 28, 2015

These residential facility , during summer time the facility is like an oven, and during winter its like an ice as well. the ventilation is not good and the quality of food is not good variety and most of the resident don't want to eat . Not enough staff most of the the work load are to heavy for the staff and quality of care is below average.

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