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  • 678 Victoria St Richmond VIC 3121
  • Phone - (03) 9291 1200
  • 105 reviews
3.6 (105 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Jul 7, 2018

Facility: Redleaf Manor

The Facility is new modern and in in an excellent position with both on site and street parking. The staff is very obliging and helpful and nothing seems too much trouble. There is plenty to do, and great variety, or residents can avail themselves to a quite reading room, whatever suits. Lovely food selection, there is a Coffee Shop and Foxtel TV. Live music on Friay afternoon and Birthday celebration at month end. I can highly recommend it.

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May 29, 2018

Facility: Templestowe Manor

I was disappointed with the level of professional care. My mother has only been there 6 weeks- 2 weeks respite and 4 weeks as permanent. She saw the resident doctor the week she arrived but has not seen her since despite repeated requests for an appointment. 2 weeks ago she got a serious UTI and asked to see a doctor. My mother had asked a carer to take a urine sample for testing, and finally the doctor 5 days later prescribed antibiotics for the UTI without seeing her. My mother went into the home because she broke her hip and as a result of problems following this she has mobility issues. she has asked repeatedly to see a physiotherapist. Finally after her 6 weeks there she attended a physio class but still has not had her injury problems assessed by a physio. We now have to take her outside to get attention for her leg. The staff that are there are friendly and cheerful but seem very busy and so it seems they are very short staffed. They continuously forget to come and shower her, but now she's worked out a way of doing it herself.

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May 26, 2018

Facility: Rosemore Aged Care

Friendly and caring staff. Dad love the food and happy hour.

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Apr 22, 2018

Facility: Rosemore Aged Care

Great staff.. Look after my mum very well. .

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Tracey Hughes

Apr 10, 2018

Visiting the Sylvan Woods Aged Care Facility regularly for the past 2 years has endeared this venue as a warm, caring and fun venue for residents 'ressies' their families and visiting guests. You truly are welcome to visit and volunteer your time, painting nails, chatting or helping with the many activities, life is always being lived to the fullest and entertaining.

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Mar 30, 2018

Facility: Villa Serena

This place looks good from the outside but ... The food is disgusting. The cost is astronomical and the care is substandard.

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Feb 18, 2018

Facility: Rosemore Aged Care

My dad went there for respite care and stayed for 6 weeks. Staff are lovely and always smiling. nothing to complain except the rooms are bit small. My dad is very happy to go back if he needs respite care in the future.

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Debbie Love

Jan 25, 2018

My Mum was a resident at Sylvan Woods for 3years 6 months. She always felt so at home and was encouraged to add her own touches to her room. I found the staff on all levels compassionate, caring

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Oct 4, 2017

Facility: Hillside Aged Care

Can not produce correct invoices and statements. Have delayed refunding RAD by nearly 12 months. Staffing levels have dropped significantly over time. Nursing home is tired and dated. Few staff left are over worked.

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Sep 13, 2017

All about profit. Many staff don't speak English well so hard to understand. Some staff seem uncaring. Old faculties.

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Jul 31, 2017

The staff are caring and empathetic and the management are always approachable.

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Jul 31, 2017

Facility: Lilydale Aged Care

My wife and I looked at several places in our area and this facility was the most to our tastes. The manager was down to earth, she didn't talk in hushed tones like it was a funeral parlour or call the residents 'darling' or 'love' as if they were 5 years old. The place wasn't filled with quaint antique knick knacks like one place we saw, as if designed by Miss Haversham from 'Great Expectations'. There were no unpleasant smells and the standards of cleanliness and care seemed to be good. (This proved to be the case after my mother moved in.) Rooms can be personalised without any fuss and their handyman helpfully took down the TV and put up paintings, etc. The costs were explained in a straightforward way and there haven't been any unpleasant surprises. The only negative from my point of view is that the TV in the front foyer is always on, playing some kind of initialising drive, but unfortunately nowadays TV is the opiate of the masses, so all the facilities seemed to have them running all the time. We also liked the location, atop a hill overlooking Lilydale Lake and parkland, so the ambulant residents can easily be taken out for walks. It's easy to access and there is heaps of parking space, so visiting is very user friendly. Overall I'm very happy with our choice and give it 5 stars.

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Jul 25, 2017

Facility: Glendale Aged Care

Food is terrible. Residents have been told at a recent meeting that $8.00 per person per day is the amount given for food. Poor quality fruit supplied, food is not presented very hot. The only time the food was decent was when accreditation was happening. Lack of meaningful activities, repetitive word games - no real engagement of the mind. Bus trips were advertised. What they didn't say was they take the bus out once per week with only 7 residents - only to the Werribee Plaza across the road. With a couple hundred residents this equates to each resident being lucky to go once or twice a year.

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Jul 14, 2017

The food is a bitter disappointment verging on deporable. We were promised great food and since opening a few years ago it has got worse and worse. Outings are extremely rare which is very unfortunate. What staff their is, they are very kind but again less and less.

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Jul 9, 2017

Facility: Rosemore Aged Care

During my visits there I found that there is always a terrible stench of uncleanliness. A lot of these elderly people are not capable of feeding themselves and due to the fact that the place is under staffed they often aren't fed their whole meal. It is absolutely appalling to treat the elderly who can no longer fend for themselves like that. They are bathed every second day which again is unacceptable. Apart from some of the staff that are friendly, the elderly in this aged care are NOT being cared for as the deserve to be. Depressing place.

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Jun 5, 2017

Facility: Rosemore Aged Care

Excellent care and very helpful staff.

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Jason Stanley

May 18, 2017

Top people, caring and absolutely great team! Always alive with laughter!

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May 12, 2017

Like most thing was great when it first opened but the standard of everything has dropped of significantly and would not recommend until they turn their attention to what really matters - the people. Staff are nice and they do care there is just not enough of them. Huge management turnover. Very disappointing.

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Nov 11, 2016

very well presented

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Nov 10, 2016

My mum's partner...who is very social...has fitted in beautifully. ..enjoys all his activities. ..our visits need to b worked around his social life..!!! He loves his carers ...calls them all by he does other residents...Has a great time with his meal table of men... all in all our family r very happy with Ross Robertson (Allity)...Victor Harbor....his only complaint is no fresh fruit offered..he buys his own...and brings eggs only scrambled r offered ....and prepares his own and a few friends.... Very happy with the facility...been there since Feb...2016.....yours Shelly Thorn....

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