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Hardi Aged Care

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Hardi Aged Care

  • Unit 10, 5-11 Hollywood Ave Bondi Junction NSW 2022
  • Phone - (02) 9369 5963
  • 21 reviews
3.2 (21 Reviews) Average Operator Rating


Nov 17, 2017

Mum has been at seven hills for a number of years. Mum was placed at the extra services unit. Recently, we had to relocate mum to a different facility. Seven hills nursing home was a place of quality under the previous management which indeed cared for its residents and staff. The new facility manager is rude, and seems to be busy smoking ! We have tried to address our concerns with her, unfortunately we were told several times that she is busy. It is really sad to state that the two new managers have ruined it. We had issues with food, cleaning, care and no staff. We wished that the previous manager was still there, He was very professional and knew how to care for residents and staff. what a loss ! I will not be recommending anyone to put their loved ones at the facility.

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Jan 15, 2017

My Mother has been at the Blacktown Nursing Home for well over a year now. The girls here are wonderful, they look after Mum very well. Their job is no easy but they seem to take it all in their stride and stay focused. The facility is clean, modern and all the staff friendly and caring. Mum has a lovely room with a view and access to the home is great. She gets good meals and cups of tea, which she loves. I think when placing you older loved ones in a nursing home you need confidence that the people there are caring. You really cant do better than here. We are very happy with Blacktown Nursing Home!

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Jun 3, 2016

My father stayed at this facility as a respite resident for 3 weeks and was well looked after. The rooms are small but there are good activities, the staff are caring and the food is made on the premises and of reasonable good quality. My main issue with this facility is the accounts department. If they make an error it is virtually impossible to resolve as no one replies to emails and any phone call or visit gets a reply of " leave it with me" - then nothing happens. After five months of trying to resolve the issue my next step is to lodge a formal complaint with the Health Care Complaints commission.

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Mar 11, 2016

My Father who suffered Bells Palsy Dementia was placed in a Nursing Home after the family being told he could not return home after being in Hospital for 3 weeks. We looked around and finally decided on a particular one close to home for Mum and my 3 sisters. Unfortunately what was promised to us at our inspection and interview at the home did not eventuate. My Dad could not talk get out of bed or feed himself (my blind Mother had been caring for him feeding, showering etc. for the previous 2 years). However at the home they were very impatient when feeding him and showed little care. After being promised by the Head of the home he would be checked on regularly because he couldn't speak or even ring a bell for help, and sometimes threw his legs around and could have had a fall out of bed, this did not happen. The day he passed away my Mother

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Mar 9, 2016

Lack of professionalism from staff. Staff unable to recognise behaviours of a patient with dementia, and lack of knowledge to apply strategies. Uneducated staff. Food was ok. Music therapy and activities are ok.

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Feb 6, 2016

I needed to put my Dad into Aged Care some months back, I had heard good things about this facility but I am very disappointed!! I am currently seeking placement elsewhere. The RN's appear disinterested, you are lucky if they look at you when you are speaking to them. Buzzer response time is poor, Dad often waits more than 20 minutes for somebody to answer his buzzer, leading to anxiety. The AIN's do their best but often appear to be short of staff. The food looks very unappealing. The facility manager is very abrupt and he states he will look into things but this does not appear to happen. The only positive is the garden out the front, Dad loves to sit out there when we visit

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Dec 3, 2015

Having my loved one in care can be distressing on all involved but BAC are reassuring and genuinely care about him and have made the experience as positive as possible.

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Oct 12, 2015

Clearly needs Registered Nurses!

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Jul 9, 2015

Couldn't trust the staff... Food was dreadful. I couldn't eat it...the smell mad me sick....and the people living there were expected to eat it.

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lorraine wooldridge

Jul 2, 2015

My darling mum (Vera) Has been in her Nursing Home for a few weeks now. I am loosing my loving mum to the Horrid disease Dementia, every day I loose her a bit more then the day before...some Days I am lucky that mum knows my name the other days I am either her Aunty May, or her own mother...The care mum receives is 100% and the safety and food and activity are great...No matter thou how great it all is My darling mum is Disappearing in front of me..But if I did not have the help from all the caring and understanding staff I would not know what to do....thank you Lorraine :)

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Jun 30, 2015

I feel the staff are so busy looking after the very ill residents, which they do admirably, that those like my mother who is 92 with memory loss but still appearing to be very with it are not always getting optimal care. I sometimes arrive to take mum out and her hair is dirty and she has whiskers. When I mention it too the staff it is always corrected but there seems to be no long term plan in place for her well being.

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Denise Gray

Jun 30, 2015

Both parents spent their last days at Manly Vale

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Jun 29, 2015

I had my aunty in aged care, the quality of care was very good.

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Jun 20, 2015

Our mother lives here and has a great room and enjoys excellent care from the staff.

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G Wildman

Jun 15, 2015

The staff were amazing. Very happy, caring and always willing to oblige. Made my dads last 5 years much happier. Thank you to all of them.

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Jun 13, 2015

My Father was admitted to Aged Care Facility on 17/4/2014 on advice from a Hospital. When our family went to look at this facility the Woman in charge was pleasant and assured us because of my Father's condition (he suffered dementia/parkinsons could not talk had to be fed and could not walk at the time as he had been in Hospital for 3 weeks and had not walked in that time. One of the reasons we chose this facility was that Dad's GP was directly across the road. On arriving at the aged care by Ambulance he was expected to walk to his room (which he could not do), this was not a good start. As he could only eat pureed food and had to be fed we found that a couple of the staff were good but the rest just tried to throw the food down his throat on which he could have choked or they just gave up after a couple on attempts. Our family would go in at meal times and feed him after seeing this. My Dad died on 26/5/2014 after being found in his bed dead by my Blind 92 year old Mother and my Sisters. None of the staff knew, we could not believe this after being assured he would be checked on regularly as he could not call out for help or he was not able to ring the bell. We never in the five weeks Dad was there ever saw the Woman in Charge of the facility and she did not come and see the family after being informed Dad had died. (Not even a thank you to Mum after the event thanking her for donating the new TV she had bought for Dad). We were very disappointed in most of the care given (except for a couple of very nice staff). My Mother who had cared and done everything for Dad for the previous 3 years is only sorry the Hospital wouldn't allow him to go home, as being her age and blind she would have done a better job.

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Jun 12, 2015

The quality of care was very good because the staff, even though they were hugely understaffed, worked so hard to cater to all the needs of the residents. Management were not so helpful as it was obvious that the nursing home was a business which centred on the profits which is why it was understaffed and the food was not as nutritious as it could have been.

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[email protected]

Jun 10, 2015

very caring staff n very clean premises

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Jun 2, 2015

Treatment and overall facility was Avrage

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May 31, 2015

I had to put my mother-in-law into an aged care facility which was Mountainview at Penrith NSW. She has the best of care. The staff were fantastic to her and kept me informed of all her needs and how she was settling in. Unfortunately she had a bad stroke and the staff contacted me and her family to see if we wanted her cared for at the facility or to send her to hospital. We opted for the latter. She was in hospital for 3 weeks and then we were consulted about sending her back to the aged care unit to die peacefully. We agreed to send her back and she passed away the next day. The staff couldn't have been more caring towards her and the family. If I ever have to go into care that is where I would want to go.

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